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June 04, 2012

Final entry on Reading and note–making

Workshop Tutor: Han-na Cha

Dear Han-na,

Thank you for your comment. I’d like to now update you on the results from the action points I have set at the beginning.

Last week, I had 4 very difficult exams which tested all the new learning techniques I have implemented since the first blog entry. I was quite amazed by the fact how easy I was able to absorb all the information from completely different topics within such a short period of time. So far, I’ve had 7 exams out of 8, and I feel confident about every single one of them. Since April 17th, I’ve been studying every day at least for 5 hours. As mentioned before, I prepared a schedule, I tried to vary the topics so as not to get bored and sleepy and I spread the difficult parts amongst the easier ones.

Moreover, I have found out that I had been familiar with most of the things you told us in the workshop – which I have been already using in my own way. Since primary school, I was very good at structuring texts. However, now after the workshop and practice, I feel more efficient when it comes to skimming the text so as to find the relevant information, how to prepare the notes in a more memorable way and how to approach the revision in overall.

As far as mind-maping is concerned, it is a very handy tool to use when a lot of theory comes in and you feel overwhelmed and lost. It creates for you a way of thinking on the exam, it structures your thoughts and the only thing you have to do is to take a blank sheet of paper and draw. I know that it is somehow simplified description, but it’s true. You just have to put your thoughts on the paper which at the end will work as a snapshot from your brain. It makes it a lot more easier to recall all the topics, subtopics and headings.

Regarding 3:1 package, I usually create some kind of “summary of a summary”. I used to call it Bus Notes when I was commuting to grammar school. I guess this was meant by 3:1. I’ll probably use it for my last exam.

So, I hope I managed to met all my action points I have set at the beginning. I’d like to finish the blog with a big thanks to you Han-na for your comments and input you have been providing me with during my blogging. Now, I feel that I’ll be able to manage difficult, time and energy-demanding situations that can occur in revisions.

Many thanks and I look forward to your comment on my final blog.


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