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December 01, 2011

P3_Portfolio_Working in a Team


in this blog I would like to reflect on a workshop from Warwick Skill Portfolio - P3 - Working in a Team, which was held by Trudy Hillier on November 16, 2011.

I am glad that I have attended this workshop because it was like a mirror in a some strange way. I was surprised how accurate the Belbin test which we were given on the Workshop was. Also I found it very useful for the future because now I'm looking at some things differently, especially when creating a picture about people. If I see someone to behave in a strange way, I ask myself a question - why is he doing this? And actually I realized that now I am trying to use Belbin system in such situations.

Here are listed the 9 team roles with my percentage:

PL - 100
RI - 0
CO - 28
SH - 58
ME - 10
TW - 0
IMP - 97
CF - 70
SP - 94

What really strikes me is the combination of my strong preferences, especially planner with implementer and specialist. Also two manageable roles are interesting - Co-ordinator (28) and Shaper (58).

Well, I was thinking about what to do with these information, how to use them in the future. When I had read the description of my profile, I realized that it really is accurate, especially the part about where I am most efficient and what part of the working process I enjoy most.

One particular question made me think:

How should I make the best out of my profile?

"... In you particular case, there is one area where you may need some help or support. You do not appear to be comfortable when taking orders from others. Remember there will be times when you cannot take the lead or take on a high profile role. So here you wll need to discipline yourself. If you succeed in doing so, you will become more generally acceptable and will encounter fewer enemies."

Well, I was thinking, what action point set according to this advice? I think in this sentence is a big truth and I will definitely have to work on it.

I don't know exactly how to set the goal, but let's say:

When it comes to project work, group work, or group discussions, I will try to analyze the types of all members, I will try to support such role that is missing within the team (especially those that are manageable - CO, SH) rather than taking the leading role.

I know that we are supposed to set three action points, but I just can't see any other. Trudy do you have any idea or suggestions?

Thank you for reading the blog and I'm looking forward to you respond.



P10_Portfolio_Understanding your personality type – MBTI


Yesterday, I attended a workshop from Warwick Skills Portfolio - Understanding your personality type - MBTI, which was held by Mary Sage.

As a part of the session we were given a questionnaire with 80 A/B questions about our preferences, feelings and actions.

The questionnaire focuses on four main parts:

Extrovert - Introvert
Sense - Intuition
Thinking - Feeling
Judging - Perceiving

As a result of my answers I am supposed to be ISTJ. However, after reading ISTJ and ESTJ description, I feel somehow uncomortable with ISTJ. Well, during the session and the excercise, I was also unsure whether to lean towards Extrovert or Introvert side.

After reading both of the description again thouroughly, I highlited those things that describes me. When I compared the ISTJ and ESTJ, I can say it is 1:1.

My question is, is it possible to be both extrovert and introvert?? It sounds a bit strange, isn't it?

And also Mary, what action points would you recommend me to set? Because I am somehow lost in my thoughts now.

Thank you for reading this and I'm looking forward to your respond.

Best wishes


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