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February 15, 2005

Tactic 5: Twat It

Punt it, run, shoot, SCORE!

Tactic 4: Corners

One player takes the corner and another stays back to cover any possible counter-attacks. This leaves two players to attack the ball at the corner. In general, the opposing team will have four players back defending: the box is likely to be congested. Therefore, the attacking players should start outside the box before making their runs. In this example the ball is drilled in low and hard, and the two attackers switch their positions: the right hand side player runs to the front, and the left hand side player runs to the back. This movement may confuse the defence, allowing the shot from the near post, or a shot or cross from the far post.

Tactic 3: Defending

The team is set up with a relatively “flat” back three, and a lone striker. Note how each defender is “goal-side” – directly between the attacking player and the goal. This principle should be applied at all defensive situations; it prevents the attacking player from a clear view of goal. The general aim of the defender should be to dispose the attacker of the ball. However, this is not always possible. If the defender cannot make a tackle, he should aim to shepherd or “jockey” the attacking player away from the goal and towards the touchline (arrowed), before making a challenge.

Tactic 2: Attacking

The defender has the ball. Note how the players are positioned in a “diamond” formation and there are two options for the defender: play to the left winger, or to the right winger. The options are at roughly 45 degrees to the defender, so the angle between them is an approximate right angle. Either of the wingers that receives the ball (black dashed line) has a multitude of options. Two examples are presented above. Example 1: the left winger gets the ball, and plays a “one-two” with the striker, overlapping the full-back and running onto the returned pass for a shot on goal. Example 2: The right winger collects the ball and plays it down the line for the striker to run onto – the striker can either take a shot, or play a cross for the other winger who makes an overlapping run into the box, as in example 1. The winger also has the option of playing a square ball to his opposite number, or a return pass to the defender.

Tactic 1: Goal Kicks

Initial positions are in a rectangle: two players on either side, one in each half, with their back to the touchline (this opens up the field of play to them, so they have options). In this example, the keeper plays the ball to the right hand side defender. The two left hand side players run towards him: this provides him with options. The right hand side attacker may also make a run around the back of the defence, into the space created by the run of the left hand side attacker; the defender with the ball can play a long pass over the top into this space for the runner.

NEWS FLASH: Bellamy Exclusive

After an entry on this very site brought such publicity to footballer/author Owen Bellamy on becoming the number one best seller, he thought it fitting to grant the Stallions Blog an exclusive preview of his new book, titled "Soccer for Dummies".

The very first pictures from his new book are to be released shortly, with five full pages in all. Bellamy's fans wait in anticipation of the great man's tactical genius…

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