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February 15, 2005

Tactic 2: Attacking

The defender has the ball. Note how the players are positioned in a “diamond” formation and there are two options for the defender: play to the left winger, or to the right winger. The options are at roughly 45 degrees to the defender, so the angle between them is an approximate right angle. Either of the wingers that receives the ball (black dashed line) has a multitude of options. Two examples are presented above. Example 1: the left winger gets the ball, and plays a “one-two” with the striker, overlapping the full-back and running onto the returned pass for a shot on goal. Example 2: The right winger collects the ball and plays it down the line for the striker to run onto – the striker can either take a shot, or play a cross for the other winger who makes an overlapping run into the box, as in example 1. The winger also has the option of playing a square ball to his opposite number, or a return pass to the defender.

Tactic 1: Goal Kicks

Initial positions are in a rectangle: two players on either side, one in each half, with their back to the touchline (this opens up the field of play to them, so they have options). In this example, the keeper plays the ball to the right hand side defender. The two left hand side players run towards him: this provides him with options. The right hand side attacker may also make a run around the back of the defence, into the space created by the run of the left hand side attacker; the defender with the ball can play a long pass over the top into this space for the runner.

NEWS FLASH: Bellamy Exclusive

After an entry on this very site brought such publicity to footballer/author Owen Bellamy on becoming the number one best seller, he thought it fitting to grant the Stallions Blog an exclusive preview of his new book, titled "Soccer for Dummies".

The very first pictures from his new book are to be released shortly, with five full pages in all. Bellamy's fans wait in anticipation of the great man's tactical genius…

Stallions in Action

At last week's highly entertaining match we were privileged to have football's top photographer, Miss Kim "snappy snappy" Goddard, who took some rather excellent photos of the Stallions in action.

Be sure to check out the gallery, and click on the images to read the hilarious comments. I laughed myself silly. Whoever wrote those is a genius. And I know I've been told a million times not to exaggerate…

Best Sellers List Released!

In Amazan's latest Best Selling Book list, 4 of the top 5 books are either written by or biographies of none other than our very own Stallions. "Football for Dummies" by Owen Bellamy has become so popular that there are rumours that he will be producing a sequel, "Soccer for Dummies", in an attempt to infiltrate the highly lucrative American market:

"My time at Warwick University was invaluable, and having been taught soooooo well by the lecturers there, I have learnt enough to not only be an amazing player, but also a best selling author. There's money to be made teaching the Yanks how to play, so why not?" – Bellamy back in 2004, fuelling rumours of another book.

"Pondo: My Story", the highly popular biography of legendary Stallions marksman Stez Pond, is still in the top five after an incredible 18 months:

"I keep banging them in, the fans are lovin' it" – Pond on why his book is selling so well.

One book is achieving a cult status, and that's "The Beautiful Game?" by Nathaniel Christopher, who carries out an in-depth study of the game's most "beautiful?" players. There are three chapters devoted to Peter Beardsley, with others including the likes of Luke Chadwick and Iain Dowie.

"It's not just about winning, but about looking good whilst getting the job done" – Christopher responding to the critics regarding the naming of his book "The beautiful game?" which was inspired by himself and his very short shorts.

Player/Manager Dan Baker's book "Baker: Made in Hillingdon" entered this week's list at number two, so was the big man himself disappointed?:

"On it like a car bonnet" – Baker, on the release of his new book reaching number two.

To purchase the books, please visit, or support your Stallions by buying from the Club Shop via the Galleries section.

Team News

We've have been challenged by JM Crusaders to a match at 2pm Friday 18th of February 2005
Venue: Westwood Old Astro 1

After the trimming of ladder C to seperate the wheat from the chaff, the Stallions are currently sitting 8th in the table, with the challengers in 11th.

Team News as follows:

Missing through bad excuses:
Daryl Jackson

Starting Line up from:
Daniel Baker
Owen Bellamy
Nathaniel Christopher
Mark Hadris
Daniel O'Flynn
David Pickles
Stephen Pond

February 14, 2005

Stallions Figurines

Due to popular demand, the Stallions Club Shop has partnered up with Bodge Designs to create this season's Stallions Figurines, along with retro 'legend' figures. The shop has already sold out of limited edition Dave "Seaman" Pickles figures, as these are expected to be worth a fortune in years to come.

To see a larger image of the figurines, please click on Club Shop in the galleries section, click on the thumbnail, then scroll down and click the path to the image, and finally zoom in. Very simple.

For all orders, please send a blank cheque to Mark Hadris, 101…

February 11, 2005

Club Shop

As requested, here's a little treat for you..

No, it's not a Stallions parachute, it's the new range of underwear for the Stallion in your life!
Tastefully made from the finest hessian, they make the ideal Valentines present, and are a snip at only £9.99!

Coming soon-
Replica Pond hats
Replica Christopher short short shorts
Replica Baker managers coat
and many more things

Club shop opens!!

A range of Stallion merchandise is now available from the club shop.
Check out this little puppy:

An idea Valentine's gift, and a snip at 2/6
As a special offer, we're selling last seasons kit for only 2 guineas! Limited stocks available, so get them while you can.

Tardan Stallions Match 8: Stats and Facts

Tardan Stallions vs Spa Town Harriers
Played 4pm Friday 11th February 2005
Venue: Westwood Old Astro 2

An FA inquiry into this game adjudged that the 3 ineligible players fielded by Spa Town Harriers
a) Bore no resemblence whatever to Ryan Giggs
b) Were by far the best players for the opposition
c) Were "nobbers" under rule 6, paragraph 3 subclause (c) "Don't argue about the rules the team you're allegedly playing for have set out when you are in breach of them. You bell ends."

The FA also noted that they couldn't be fucked to do anything about the result, namely a 15–4 drubbing.

Starting Line Up:
David Pickles [GK]
Nathaniel Christopher
Owen Bellamy
Mark Hadris
Stephen Pond

Daniel Baker
Daniel O'Flynn

Goal Scorers:
Stephen Pond (4)

Man of the Match:
Stephen Pond – For 3 top drawer goals. And one shit one.

Attendance 5:
Gabrielle Frith
Kimberley Goddard
Eloise Moir-Ford
Katie Moreton
Debbie Simcock

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