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January 31, 2005

Team News

We've challenged International Rescue to a match at 10am Saturday 5th of February 2005
Venue: Westwood Old Astro 2

The Stallions are currently sitting 21th in the table, with the challengees in 16th.

Team News as follows:

Waiting on Late Fitness Test:
Daniel Baker (Collar Bone)
Daniel O'Flynn (Flu)

Unavailable due to some shit excuse I'm not privy to:
Daryl Jackson (see above)

Loans in:
Dennis Carl (From Die dankedan zuchthengst)

Starting Line up from:
Daniel Baker
Owen Bellamy
Dennis Carl
Nathaniel Christopher
Mark Hadris
David Pickles
Stephen Pond

January 28, 2005

Manager takes Tough Approach

Manager Dan Baker declared today that he was "annoyed" that the Stallions hadn't managed to play a game since the start of the January transfer window, and was hoping to rectify the situation.

"We've dropped from 16th to 21st in the space of a few weeks, and thats not what I was hoping for in the new year. I am booking a pitch for 4pm next friday tomorrow, and I will miss the start of my 9am on Monday to ensure that we make a challenge. I am expecting all Stallions to be able to attend, we need to start building on our recent(!) victory. If anyone has a problem with this arrangement, they need to contact me ASAP!"

Baker also denied the recent rumours about certain signings during the January transfer window.

"I am not looking to build on my squad at the moment, as I believe that we have the quality in all departments to see us through to the end of the season. However, with key players expecting to leave in the summer, I will have to delve in to the transfer market then, but right now I'm just concentrating on the next few fixtures..."

"...As for the rumours surrounding the purchase of Robbie Savage, thats complete and utter rubbish... I think he's a twat."

January 24, 2005

Team News

We've challenged Hampton Hustlers to a match at 11am Friday 28th of January 2005
Venue: Westwood Old Astro 2

The Stallions are currently sitting 21st in the table, and Hampton Hustlers are in 18th

Team News as follows:

Missing (presumably) through lectures:
Owen Bellamy (I'll put something amusing here when I think of it)
Mark Hadris (Likewise)

Starting Line up from:
Daniel Baker
Nathaniel Christopher
Daryl Jackson
Daniel O'Flynn
David Pickles
Stephen Pond

As Owen so rightly points out, this match is in fact void. I mean really..
So I dunno if those of us who can make it still want to go because
a) They might still turn up for a friendly
b) Obviously a) won't happen, but we could still have a kick around
Thoughts, encouragement or advice on how to cure my scurf would be appreciated.

January 17, 2005

Team News

We've been challenged by Spa Town Harriers to a match at 12pm Tuesday 18th of January 2005
Venue: Westwood Old Astro 2

The Stallions are currently sitting 16th in the table, with the challengers in whatever place the Stallions will be in next week..

Team News as follows:

Missing through injury:
Daniel Baker (Partially Healed Collar Bone 3–4 weeks)

Missing through phone interviews:
Stephen Pond (For a job at Marks and Spencers I think. He said something about M&S. Or was that S&M?)

Missing (presumably) through lectures:
Mark Hadris (Economic Theory of mid-table mediocrity)
David Pickles (Advanced Woggery)

Starting Line up from:
Owen Bellamy
Nathaniel Christopher
Daryl Jackson
Daniel O'Flynn

Unfortunately, this means we don't have enough players to field a side.
Therefore the match has been forfeited.

January 16, 2005

Team News

We challenged International Rescue to a match at 5pm Friday 14th of January 2005
Venue: N/A

The Stallions are currently sitting 16th in the table, with the challengees in 12th (possibly)

Unfortunately, due to flooding, Astro Pitch 2 was deemed unfit to play on.
The Stallions forgot to ask when the replay was, and so lost by default.

January 05, 2005

BBC Sport Exclusive: Stallions train for new term

The BBC can exclusively reveal that the Tardan Stallions participated in an early training session to get ready for the new term of matches. It was held at a secret location behind closed doors, but an intrepid BBC reporter and his camera crew managed to gain secret access by posing as 15 year old townies.

Most of the Stallions were in attendence, the most noticable absentees being Owen Bellamy and Daryl Jackson, who had both been given a leave of absence to spend time with their families over the holidays (they are both expected to be back for the next game). The ones that did turn up put in a good hour and a half of rigorous exercise and training regimes. The well known and highly recommended crossbar challenge session went well, with a few players going very close (ahem). Also the 3 on 2 defensive pummeling proved to be a worthwhile way to spend 20 minutes.

Baker returned to the train with the squad after a few months out with a broken collarbone. Progress is going well and once he is given the all clear by the Stallion's dedicated doctors, he'll be back in goal in 3–4 weeks. Although it was clear from the mini match that his legendary silky skills hadn't abandoned him.

Veteran striker Pond proved that it wasn't just the young ones that could run around wheezing for an hour, as he put in a good display of his strikers killer instinct, scoring most of the goals in a very entaining display.

O'Flynn and Hadris were playing well together and linking up well, with some excellent goals, and Christopher and Pickles were proving that all those festive pies hadn't affected their footballing skills at all.

Fresh from a win in the league, the BBC can report that should they win their next match in the forthcoming week, they would break a club recording by going 2 league games unbeaten, as well as notching up 2 wins in a row.

Stay tuned for more Stallion exclusives.

Miguel Sanchez, BBC reporter

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