November 15, 2004

Team News

We've been challenged by International Rescue to a match at 1pm Friday 19th of November 2004
Venue: Westwood New Astros

The Stallions are currently sitting 10th in the table, with the challengers in 12th.

Team News as follows:

Missing through injury:
Daniel Baker (Broken collar bone 3–4 weeks)
Nathaniel Christopher (Strained Ankle ligaments 1–2 weeks)

Missing through project meetings:
Mark Hadris (A cow knitting and fire ants) (say it quickly… work with me here)
Daryl Jackson (Nanotechnology of doily design)

Waiting on late fitness test:
Daniel O'Flynn (Twisted Ankle)

Unfortunately, this means we don't have enough players to field a side.
Therefore the match has been abandoned.

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  1. Shibby – that means i can play

    15 Nov 2004, 12:46

  2. I have lectures from 1–5 Friday so its not an ideal time for me. Though am generally open to being bullied into playing if we have enough for a team. :-)

    15 Nov 2004, 16:44

  3. Word on the street (and I dont mean the band, The Streets. In fact I mean from a MSN conversation with Mark), is that Owen should be able to play as he does a part time degree in lazing-around-ology and that he (aka Mark) is unsure due to potential group project commitments.

    15 Nov 2004, 16:55

  4. hey, I can be there for sound managerial advice, but have group meeting at 2 so might leave a bit early.

    15 Nov 2004, 17:28

  5. Hey Guys. I can make it. I have lectures from 2–5 so finishing on time would be useful :)

    15 Nov 2004, 17:42

  6. I can indeed play, as I have no lectures on Friday…

    15 Nov 2004, 20:25

  7. Yep, I'm in.

    15 Nov 2004, 20:32

  8. have lectures 11–1, unavoidable, but as you never start on time shouldn't be a prob, so i'll be there…

    15 Nov 2004, 22:39

  9. A couple of words of confirmation from the manager would be appricated by the Tocil based squad members. Is Mr D O'Flynn able to play? And who is going in goal? DO'F or NC? Both are crippled so no chance they will be able to get out the way of shots – perfect :-)

    16 Nov 2004, 11:46

  10. Dan O'Flynn

    I don't know if my ankle will stand up for a full game yet, I might be able to come on second half for a run about but don't count on it ;)

    17 Nov 2004, 16:51

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