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February 26, 2005

Stallion Social

The directors of Tardan Stallions PLC, in conjunction with the Tardan Stallion supporters association, have arranged a second social.

Date: Tuesday 8th March 2005
Time: 8pm drinking starts, (forfeits for late arrival)
Venue: The Bar
Chair: tbc

The Rules:
You must be willing to obey what the chair says, within reason. Also, please put your drinking boots on.

Reaction to Match 10:

"Nayfe- Big ball!" -David Pickles, commenting on Christopher's shorts presumably..
"You did a lot of sexual things on pitch today" – Stez
"etc etc" – Nayfe
"I'm having a shower now" – Nayfe again
"Why don't you just tell us your fucking life story" – Stez in response to Nayfe's post match comments.

Tardan Stallions Match 10: Stats and Facts

Tardan Stallions vs Mad Tramp
Played 10am Saturday 26th of February 2005
Venue: Westwood Astro Pitch 2

So it turns out Nayfe is a lazy tusk. He can't be arsed to write a match report – FACT! So what happened I hear you cry? Well we lost. Always the same. In this case it was 17–6 but it could have been worse, or better.

Being lazy also I can't really be bothered with writing a full report and my memory of the match is a little hazy. They scored the first, and to be fair it was a good finish leaving Baker on his return to goal no chance. A few moments later a long range bullet from Hadris went in off the post and it was 1–1. Even in the early stages the game was stretched but sadly the opposition's finishing was excellent while with Pond and Bellamy missing a couple of chances a piece. At half time it looked all over (and it was) at 8–1.

The Stallions came out with renewed vigor and in their traditional style took kick off and conceded a goal within about 30 seconds. The second half though had several positives as listed here:

  • Another Bellamy hat trick (the man is on fire… not literally)
  • A first ever Dave Pickles goal
  • An AMAZING 5 minute spell in goal from Stez (see my comment – no I'm not ashamed of the self-promotion)
  • No new injury worries.

A final note upon a certain special someone's request ;-) listed here are the negatives of the match:

  • We lost
  • Nayfe (as he was shit)
  • Naif (as he was crap)
  • Nathaniel Christopher (as he was a pile of turd)
  • NC Stallions super defender wasn't so super but in fact was SHIT

Starting Line Up:
Daniel Baker [GK]
Mark Hadris [c]
David Pickles
Owen Bellamy
Stephen Pond

Nathaniel Christopher

Goal Scorers:
Mark Hadris (2)
Owen Bellamy (3)
David Pickles (1)

Man of the Match:
Debbie Simcock (in goal for the warm up and though this at first appears to not be much of a contribution it was far better than anyone elses aka we were shit!)

Anti-Man of the Match:
Daniel Baker (he volenteered himself though I think this is just so he can take the "1st ever Anti-man of the match" award at the end of season awards evening – he is crafty is that Dan)

Attendance 3:
Gabrielle Frith
Kimberley Goddard
Debbie Simcock

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