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November 02, 2004

Player Profile: David Pickles

1. Full name: David Jason Pickles
2. Date of birth: 04/01/1983
3. Home town: Barnoldswick
4. Degree Course: Computer Science
5. Height: 5'9"
6. Weight: 10 stones
7. Nicknames: Pickles, Dave
8. Position: Defence/Defensive Midfield
9. Squad Number: 10
10. Favourite Team: Burnley

Memory Matches, with Nathaniel Christopher

The past comes flooding back for Nathaniel Christopher, this week, as the Stallions defender takes his turm to recall his Memory Matches.

Played in:
Tardan Stallions 5–5 Toast
A brilliant game this, and still our best result. It was a dark and stormy night when we took to astro pitch 2. The rain was coming down like a good 'un, and the wind was swirling, making it difficult when the ball was in the air. We conceded 3 very cheap goals, and were quite angry with ourselves. Then we won a kick in on the right side, about 3/4 of the way up the pitch. Stez (Stephen Pond) kicked it to me, I took a couple of touches, then dinked it over their keeper, who'd started to come out. Despite this, we were pegged back almost straight away, so we came in 4–1 down. After an inspirational half time talk, we went out desperate to take the fight to them in the second half. We got the game to 4–3, through a goal from Stez, and a brilliant goal from Mark Hadris, when they were heard to remark "Let's not do a Tottenham", which pissed off Hadris as he's a Spurs fan. They scored shortly after, but 2 goals from Stez sealed his hat-trick, and took this game to a thrilling conclusion. Given a few more minutes, I think we could have edged it, but it wasn't to be, and it finished 5–5.

Seen Live:
England 2–3 Denmark, 16th November 2003
I went up to see this with Stez, Dan (Daniel Baker) and Gabs (Gabrielle Frith). It was the first time I'd been to see England, and my first visit to Old Trafford, so it was a very special occasion for me. There were 3 goals in the first 10 minutes, and the atmosphere was electric. The Danes even joined in on the Mexican waves eventually. The Danish got a late winner, but it was a brilliant day

Seen on TV:
This was tricky for me to choose. There was Englands 5–1 win over Germany, which I saw on holiday with my mates, and which has a lot of memories for me. There was the Leicester vs Arsenal match which ended 3–3, after Leicester were trailing 2–0 with 85 minutes gone. But the one I've chosen was England 1–0 Argentina, 7th June 2002.
I watched this in the Union, and you could almost cut the atmosphere with a knife. After some amazing play, Beckham (David Beckham) tucked away the cheekiest penalty I've ever seen. The 2nd half was heart stopping stuff. The tension was tangible, and the feeling of relief when the final whistle went was universal. A brilliant game!

Injury News

Stephen Pond (Groin Strain, 5 days)

Message from the Manager

Hello, and Welcome to the wonderful world of the Tardan Stallions. A big thank you goes to Nayfe for starting this thing up. I bloody love it!

From time to time I will impart my managerial wisdom on the world for everyone to oggle at in amazement. Firstly, I think we've made a very strong start to the season, some good performances, and its nice to see the new signings fitting in well. It's always important to have a good team spirit and mentality, and the lads are working well together.

Secondly, I know everyone was bitterly disappointed to hear about my injury, but don't worry, I'm on the mend (my god it hurts so much!), and a big thank you to Holly for filling in for me.

Lastly, plans are afoot for some Stallion merchandise. I think a calender for 2005 would be a great idea, or possibly beer mats. let me know what you think!

Hope to see you all lending your support at the next match, it's important that you, the fans, get behind us as we slug it out on the pitch.

See you all soon

Dan (The Guv'ner)

Race hots up for awards

Although only a few games into the season, the race for end of season awards has been thrown wide open. Although Stephen Pond looks set to retain Oldest Player of the year, and Mark Hadris seems in an eminently tenable position for the Highest Numbered Player of the Year, other awards are not such open and shut cases. A particularly well contested award is Fan of the Year. With attendance figures now being taken, there can be no doubt as to the winner. With no less than 4 candidates vying for 1st place, it's going to be an interesting season. For those coveting this award, a word to the wise: We take attendance figures. Lecturers don't. Miss your lectures to watch us, it's as simple as that.
Sam's tenuous and greasy grasp on the Players' Physio of the year award seems to have finally failed, after Debbie Simcock actually did something vaguely physio like, i.e. putting some iodine laden spray on Stephen Pond's wounds. However, at this time it's unclear if this was to help or just inflict more pain…
Another award that will fail to be retained is best newcomer. One man currently leads the field, in the shape of Daryl Jackson.
Pond and Hadris have already scored bloody brilliant goals so far, and with the season still young it looks like the Goal of the Season award will be hotly contested.
Daniel Baker's preseason surety of retaining the Youngest player of the Year award has taken a severe setback after Holly Cruise played for us. Having only been 20 for a scant few hours, she's in pole position (to use a F1 analogy). The only hope of a Baker taking this award would seem to be if Benjamin Baker was to play for us.
However, manager Baker will be pleased that he is likely to take the Kit Designer award from Mark Hadris, whose original retro shirts have been replaced as home kit by the new black and red shirts.
All this remains to be seen

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