October 14, 2012

Unit 4– Assessment of/for Learning

Assessment of Learning

Following a summative assessment if I have found that over half of the pupils had demonstrated that they had not understood the topic thoroughly, I would allocate time to revisit the particular problem areas that persisted in pupils work. Firstly it would be important to identify the particular areas for concern and look for any themes, which may be reoccurring. A whole lesson would be dedicated to working through the problem as an entire class using class discussion, peer and self-assessment so make pupil aware of their mistakes. As the teacher I would also create an information sheet detailing the common misconceptions and include key terms and simple explanations to help pupils understanding on the subject.

Summative assessment could be used with great benefit for pupils when planning their revision, end of unit tests can be a great way of identifying pupil’s strengths and weaknesses in exam practice. Using teachers comments pupils would be encouraged to evaluate their own progression and suggest areas for improvement that may need more attention when revising.

Sharing Objectives and Outcomes

A situation where it may not be appropriate in a history lesson to share the learning objectives near the start of the lesson would be if you were introducing a new topic using a picture, artefact or video and you want to assess pupil’s prior knowledge on the subject. This would work using starters where you scaffold questioning by asking the pupils to say what you see or by think pair share if you want more thoughtful answers. Lesson objectives could then be shared after the starter or at the very end if the teacher wants the pupils assess their own learning. By use of whole class questioning, pupils would be encouraged to think about what learning has occurred with the teacher facilitating the discussion with leading questions.

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