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January 23, 2007


Camera: Canon Digital IXUS 50 (v3)
Date: 16th January 2007
Location: Gibbet Hill Road, Campus
Shutter: 1s
Aperture: F/2.8
Comments: Busy brutal traffic contrasted with calm serene nature
Post-processing: Increased shadows, Decreased highlights

March 20, 2006

Car Motion

Camera: Fuji FinePix S602z
Filter: Circular Polariser & Neutral Density x4
Date: 19th March 2006
Location: By Hurst
Shutter: 1/6s
Aperture: F/11
Comments: Even though it was quite light I was hoping the filters would cut the brightness down enough to get a good blur of the cars. It hasn't worked quite as I'd envisioned, and the contrast was reduced also.
Post-processing: This is actually three quick-fire photos 'overlayed' in Paintshop Pro, then cropped

January 12, 2006

Traffic Trails

Camera: Fuji FinePix S602z
Date: 11th January 2006
Location: The roundabout by Hurst/Redfern/Cryfield
Shutter: 4s
Aperture: F/8
ISO: 160
Comments: The high f-stop was to allow a long enough shutter to capture the trails caused by the lights of the cars, but also happily gave me a great depth of field over the scene!
Post-processing: Cropped top and bottom

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