January 08, 2006

Microwaved CDR

Camera: Canon Digital IXUS 50 (v3)
Date: 29th November 2005
Location: My kitchen on campus
Shutter: 1/25s
Aperture: F/2.8
Comments: A microwaved CDR
Post-processing: None

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  1. cool!!!

    08 Jan 2006, 11:13

  2. Aren't microwaves reflected by CDRs?

    08 Jan 2006, 13:26

  3. that is an awesome shot

    08 Jan 2006, 14:05

  4. Thanks for the comments.
    Kunal, you might be interested to read this about microwaving cds, I found it because you asked an interesting question and I wanted to know the answer too! The short answer is "When subjected to microwaves inside the cavity, large currents are induced on the central conducting layer. The resulting heating vaporizes the metal at different locations on the target. Discharges are subsequently observed across the vaporized areas, and over the surface of the target."

    08 Jan 2006, 14:44

  5. Christopher Rossdale

    How long should you microwave it for?

    08 Jan 2006, 16:06

  6. I put them in for about 6 seconds… but I stop the machine as soon as I see the sparks :p

    08 Jan 2006, 16:11

  7. Six seconds sounds pretty long – I would have thought ths sparks would get fairly mental after only a moment or two. I wonder what the longer term outcome would be if the microwave were left on for longer.

    Also, does it hurt the microwave?

    12 Jan 2006, 00:09

  8. Yo Amit, it takes a couple of seconds to warm up and then the sparks start flying – then you hit STOP! before the cd becomes totally fried… i think they look better when only a bit cracked up. Six seconds is the longest I'd leave one in for because they can damage the microwave. I believe if some of the microwaves are reflected back into the magnetron then you get a bit of trouble… but i've never heard of that happening from a cd. CD's are pretty safe in the microwave ;)

    12 Jan 2006, 10:02

  9. Sam Goves

    Nath! You're microwaving cds so that sparks fly up?! Haven't I taught u anything about fire safety?! (says the girl who had several disasters in the AV kitchens..) Am now tempted to try that in my mothers microwave in order to avoid revising EU law!!

    13 Jan 2006, 12:08

  10. Just don't microwave any hard disks like my housemate did – expensive mistake!

    13 Jan 2006, 17:43

  11. Clever. Have you ever watched Brainiac on Sky One. Sounds like something they'd do on there!

    17 Jan 2006, 01:28

  12. Jonathan Elliott

    That looks so cool!

    24 Feb 2006, 16:33

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