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October 15, 2004


Hey team 1
Unfortunately my research over the last 24 hours has led me to the conclusion that polysulfone is the only polymer that can actually be used as a membrane for heamodialysis. I cant find anything mentioned about the others, and there's hardly anything about why polysufone in particular is used. So im a bit stuck really.
Any ideas?


October 13, 2004

meeting 2

We met at 12pm, 12/10/04.
All members present. We discussed findings, Vikki and I had found some relevant information on applications, but not in enough detail. Danielle had found some information on properties of some of the polymers. We decided that we needed to know more about how the polymers were used in their applications so we decided to research the applications more thourghlky
Nat and Danielle- medical applications
Vikki and Dave- food applications
John and Anne- Water

Next meeting Thursday 14/10/04, 12pm

October 11, 2004

meeting 1

team 1 met on friday 8/10/04. All members apart from John present. We decided to each concetrate on an area of research before our next meeting.
Topics to research are
1. Applications of polyaromatics
2. processing and manufacture, costs and hazards
3. General properties of polyaromatics, relation of properties to structue

We delegated reseach topics as follows
Vikki- applications
Dave-investigating structures and properties
Danielle-general properties
John-processing and manufacturing

Dave agreed to let john know his topic to research. We scheduled the next meeting for Tuesday 12/10/04 at 12pm.

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