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November 11, 2008

child poverty

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another bloody piece of work, dont they know am new to all this!!!!. After trying to get my other piece under way thats the report on gender, i got lumped with a 1000 word essay (ok i know only 1000 words) on child poverty! now i gotta research all that aas well as try and be focused on my report!, my head is gonna explode! arrrrrrr if anyone has any tips on writting an stuff please let me know!, should i have took this on in the first place are my initial thoughts but underlying i got a little voice sayin yes you can do this.....but can i ? dilema! stay posted x

October 20, 2008

my thoughts ish?

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Oooo ,

I've done it, created my own blog! hehe. Hi, my name is naomi, I'm 28 and have just started the early childhood studies 2+2 ba (hons) course @ north warwickshire and hinckley college.

When i first decided to take on the course if i am totally honest i did think it would be quite easy, young kids? ha easy work, but 4 weeks in and i am realising this is something a lot more serious, and a lot more hard work than what i had first imagined, although i will say that i am pleased about that as i like a good challenge!.

Since being on the course i have had a couple of worries which i suppose most of us have had, things such as money, ability to complete the course, am i doing enough research? am i researching the right things?. but i have found that most of these questions have been answered now and i feel quite settled, and seem to be taking in a lot more than what i was at the begining of the course.

I do worry about assignments and exams and presentations, but i am just hoping that our tutors will guide us through these events smoothly (fingers crossed).  x if any second years read this blog please let me know if you have any tips or guidence x ;-)

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