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March 13, 2015

The Lectures

Roubust decison making appealed to me, as I studied Industrial Engineering for my undergraduate course. I had studied Operations Research and enjoyed it, so I thought this would be similar and chose it as an elective.

During the first day we talked about judgement. This was very interesting and enlightening. This helped me see how my brain works. The assumptions I made and how system 1 and system 2 thinking works; how my brain defaults to system 1 thinking. The judgement test also helped me identifiy and be aware of my weakness. This definitely has helped me make my thinking process more robust by acknowledging the flaws of the way I used to think, it helped me think with more awareness of my weakness. The different misconceptions and pride we took in "human's capability to judge" was broken down, this was both humbling and very interesting.

The decision tools that were taught was a bit disappointing as I had already studied, decision tree, analytic hierarchy process, SWOT, PESTLE, pair wise comparision and pareto either while studying operations research or in the other modules in my EBM course.

The decison tools which were new to me, were intriguing and stimulating. Simple multiple attribute rating thinking, soft system methodology, scenario planning were very interesting and informative. The seminar were a lot more interactive, so this increased the energy in the room, while working on and solving the problems. This also made the methodology of the tools very clear. When to use and what tools is one of the most important things I learnt this week.

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