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I’m from Berlin ( okay not really Berlin, but from a village on the outskirts of Berlin; but as nobody knows where my village is when I tell its name I’m saying Berlin bec. everybody knows where Berlin is!) and that’s the capital of Germany. Though there are some points in German history I don’t agree with I’m proud to be German. Two years ago I did an apprenticeship @ a German bank and became a banker(in germany you either do an apprenticeship after finishing school or you study). That was quite an experience. I like reading a lot, you can say that I’m a bookworm. Furthermore I like music a lot, though I hate dance,house and techno and anything related to that kind of music. R’n’B is a hard case as well. I’m a really shy person especially when it comes to guys or people I’d like to be friends with ( there is a legimite reason for that but thats none of your business!). Hm… I can talk really fast, hate to be criticized and (unfortunately) I can’t say NO (no matter how hard I try to). I like greek food and Orlando Bloom. Like (almost) every woman I like shopping and I never have enough clothes, shoes, bags….

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