August 20, 2014

John Dewey's Experience and Education

5 out of 5 stars



Title: Experience and Education
Size: 91 pages (Decimo-sexto)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (1997)
ISBN: (10) 0684838281, (13) 978-0684838281

At a Glance

The Book

Published first in 1938. This book provides a summarized account of Dewey's Theory of Education, Progressive Educarition and tries to asnwer the criticism his theory had faced.

The Author

John Dewey was probably the most influential American educationalist from the 20th century. Born in 1859 in Vermont. Dewey was a philosopher (founder of ethical pragmatism), an educator (see progressive education) and a psychologist (see functional psychology).

The one lesson to take from the book

if I was to take only one lesson from this book, it would be this: Don't hide behind idiology

In this book, Dewey says “we should think in terms of education itself rather than in terms of some ‘ism about education, even such an ‘ism as ‘progressivism’ “ (p.6). What Dewey is referring to is the ‘tribal’ allegiance to ‘isms that cause one to defend his defining ‘ism against other ideologies and dogmas at the expense of losing focus of the important problem; fixing education.

My only criticism

Too short! As the book’s subtitle says, this is the great educational theorist’s most concise statement on his ideas about the needs, the problems and the possibilities of education. This might be my only grievance with this book; the fact that it is too summarized. But again maybe it is meant to be a very short introduction to Dewey and his theory of education

Is it Recommended

Absolutely! This book is a must-read for every teacher, educator, policy maker, educational researcher and student in the field of education. It provides a reflective account of rich life of one of the most prominent educational thinkers of the 20th century. What’s more, the book is written in a friendly language, free of any education theory jargon you might expect in such a book.

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