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November 24, 2006

Shit–faced, Twatted, Pie–Eyed, Müllered, Wankered, Rat–Arsed, Slaughtered, Pissed

Morning everyone!

I write this to you, still drunk from last night. That’s never a good sign really, is it? And the fact that I have a seminar in which i have to ‘make a presentation’ isn’t making me feel better.

At the moment my stomach is whirring away, especially because I decided to ignore the age-old adage and did in fact imbibe wine followed by beer. Let me tell you – this doesn’t make for pretty viewing the morning after.

So yeah, I’m half-cut and feeling minging. My hair smells of smoke, my room is a tip and just generally, I’m in dire need of a shower. Dire, dire need!

It got me to thinking – why do we do this to ourselves? We can quite freely accept that drinking shots with an old man who seems to think that “everyone is a pervert at the moment of ejaculation” is not going to make for an easy life the day after. And even though there’s the nagging voice in the back of your head that tells you to avoid that next Sambuca, the voice is suffocated, shut out and told to fuck off. I’m feeling glad that I didn’t throw up (it would have been bad in so many ways!), but feel like absolute shite as a consequence. If we know that drinking will cause this many effects, why do we do it? Is it some sort of misplaced masochism? Is it a feeling of having to – we are students after all, isn’t that what we do? Or is it because we don’t do it too often (I’m speaking for myself here) and therefore would like to once in a while, despite the next-day ramifications? I’m going to go with the latter there, but I’m still not sure that it’s a good enough reason. Not only does it fuck up your liver, but you end up doing things, and people, that you probably never would do when sober. I agree that it dismisses inhibitions and the words of a drunk man are the thoughts of a sober one, but come on guys? When you’re so twatted, you can’t remember getting home last night, is it something to be proud of or to be reviled? For the record, I’m taking no stance on it, I just wanted to provok thought. And also, as I said earlier on, I’m still drunk and am therefore waffling on without a real purpose.

Will go now and cleanse myself of last night’s sins.


November 19, 2006

My Week In Bullet Points

I have been confronted with quite a dilemma. Not only have I had to create my own essay title, a freedom that has never before been granted to me, but I also have to write an ‘essay proposal’, in which I explain and describe what I will mention, argue and reference through the course of my essay. This is so the tutors can keep track of what we’re doing and make sure we’re not straying from the guidelines. As much as I am confident that the question I’ve made up is good enough (it concerns representations of the American Dream and aims to explore whether or not it was merely a utopian ideal, just in case you were interested), I am befuddled at the idea of writing a pre-essay proposal and am struggling, as protocol dictates that I refrain from using the first person. However, in this I feel it is actively encouraged, as I have to explain what I am going to say. It is also a little scary as not only does this essay eventually count for 50% of my American Literature module, but by having to write this, I am having to confront the essay head-on, pretty much planning it long before I ordinarily would have.

But moving on – Week 7 is now finished. This week, I went to a German reading, had an injection, went to a Languages Careers event, went on a date, had a meal with my flat, was a self-centred, jealous bastard, had my hair cut and went to see Borat.

On Monday evening Axel Löber came to the University and gave a reading of his work, which is quite satirical and actually funny, despite the fact that he is a German. I know – a funny German. Hard to believe, isn’t it?
On Tuesday I had an injection to protect me from Hepatitis B. I have another planned for December and May 2007.
On Tuesday evening a Languages Alumni was held, whereby professionals who studied languages at Warwick came back to talk about the careers that they have forged on the basis of their degree. Whilst not overly useful for me, it was pleasing that something like that was planned.
On Wednesday I went to a quiz at Rainbows with a DJ called Mark. He seems quite nice and I’ll probably meet up with him at some other point, later on in the month.
On Thursday evening a contingent of habitants from Flat 34 went to Nandos in Coventry. Although nowt everyone was there, it was a fun evening out and I got to know, in better detail, the people with whom I live. And Wes tagged along too :-P
(I’ll leave out the bit about being a self-centred jealous bastard, but hopefully my ways have been altered and I won’t be judged too harshly)
Yesterday I had my haircut and apparently it now looks more like I’ve lost weight (which I inevitably must have done, given my devotion to the gym), which is always a good thing to hear. Unless of course you’ve got some kind of eating disorder.
And then yesterday evening I went to see Borat with Mel and Ashley. Not many films make me laugh out loud, but this film was a rare exception. Very funny, very witty and quite a damning social critique of America.

Right, on that note, I’m going to drag myself back to my pit to finish of this so-called ‘proposal’. Keep well and stay sexy (those who are already sexy, I mean. Those who aren’t shouldn’t strive for it, as it will only make you feel lousy)


November 12, 2006

Prestigious Ramblings

I’m going to the gym today for the sixth time this week. I’m not acting (that) sanctimonious about it, but surely I shouldn’t be going six times in one week. And it’s all because I had a burger yesterday. And on Thursday. But anyway…

Reading Week is over, which means we have 4 weeks left until the end of term. 4 weeks is still quite an long period of time, so I’m not feeling really old at the moment when I think that I’ve almost only got two thirds of a year left at University. Actually, who am I kidding? Of course I am!

I’ve sent off my JET application and so hopefully will get onto that and go to Japan for a year. If not, I’m applying to other places as well, so here’s hoping that I will be in Japan for at least a year anyway, even if it isn’t with JET.

The other night (Wednesday night to be more precise) Lisa, Wes and I went to play bingo at the Gala at Pool Meadow, Coventry. I won a tenner! As did Lisa. Wow, it’s addictive. I want to go again. I was two numbers away from winning £15,000! If anyone wants to join us, just let me know and you’re more than welcome.

God, I’ve done no work this week. Well, I’ve done some, but it feels like I’ve done very little. And I’m so not prepared for what next week may throw at me. Shit, actually, I’ve got to prepare a translation seminar. Will have to make a note of that so I remember!

Last night I went to see The Prestige. It’s about two battling magicians (think Norrell and Strange as opposed to Gandalf and Saruman) who are constantly trying to out-do each other. It’s quite slow in places but I think that was what I was in the mood for last night, so I really enjoyed it. However, you’ve got to pay attention because it gets a bit tricky at the end (no pun intended) and you have to be able to suspend belief for a little bit. But other than that it was great. I’d give it 4 stars I reckon.

Well, this has been a bit disjointed, but really, I only blogged because I haven’t for a while, so you’ll have to make do, I’m afraid! Hope you’re all OK.


November 01, 2006

Tales from the Gym


I’ve not got an arse. I’m just going to throw that one out there for everyone.

I used to have a fat arse (along with fat everything) but I was checking it out today after I had a shower (incidentally after another gym session – 5 times a week baby, rock on!) and I’ve discovered that I’ve not got an arse at all. I’m not sure how much of an arse guys are supposed to have, but surely you’ve got to have something for someone to check out if they so wish. And I seem to be lacking one of those. I’m sure the more I go to the gym the more it’s going to peter away into nothing and then I’m just going to be an arseless wonder. However, let’s face it; I’d prefer that than to be ridiculously booylicious like J-Lo because that’s just not me.

That aside, let’s move onto other topics. My fitness regime is still going strong, and as previously mentioned I now go 5 times a week. I feel I’m able to say that because it’s been 5 times a week for almost a month now and so hopefully some sort of routine is settling in. I’m looking round at prices for temporary memberships for gyms in Ely for the Christmas period because there’s no sense in going home and undoing all the work I’ve done.

As you may have guessed, I’m feeling a little more upbeat about my whole going-to-the-gym thing, but I’m not sure that it’s because there have been many noticeable changes. My thighs, hamstrings and calves feel much better because of it, but nothing else seems to have altered to my eyes, despite being told by others (mainly friends, and most of the time their opinions about image can’t be taken too seriously, as they say what they think I want to hear (I love them for that, but it never sticks!)) that I’ve lost weight etc. But I am just feeling better about myself, no matter how little change has occurred. Also, my skin is looking really good; partly down to the exercise, but also down to Neutrogena Pure Glow pads – they’re my new recommendation, because they’re brilliant. Don’t scoff at the price, as you can’t put a price tag on younger, healthier skin! And also, eat Ryvita goodness bars. They’re tasty, 61 calories per bar and only 3% fat. Go get ‘em!

Reading week is almost upon us and I’m not in a position where I’m direly in need of a week off to catch up with work which is a good situation to be in. Have to start reading some books for next term’s English course but I’ve also got the entirity of the Christmas break to do that.

Tonight Wes, Lisa, Mel and I will be making Mexican food in my kitchen – I just hope that 1) it isn’t as full as it normally is and 2) it isn’t as dirty as it normally is. As I don’t tend to cook…ever, I feel I can look on it with a sanctimonious eye.

Anyway – will sign off as I’m craving some serious Tropicana refreshment. God, this blog post seems to be one giant advert for lots of different companies. And I’m not even on commission!

Stay well


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