January 02, 2007


So, what will 2007 herald in the world of Mitch?

Well, lads and lasses, I really can’t say with too much certainty what will happen, but there are a few things that I would like very much to. First of all: Japan! I’m due to find out in February at the latest if I have an interview with the Jet Programme or not. If not, I’ll be applying to AEON and GEOS to do the same thing (for those of you who don’t know, my aim is to teach English in Japan for a year after I graduate). I’m really hoping that I get at least one of them to offer me a place because then I can have to opportunity to pick or choose a placement depending on where they offer me. For example, if Jet offers me a placement in the middle of nowhere, but AEON offer me a place in Kyoto, there won’t really be a choice involved!

What else would I like to happen? Well, I’m sick and tired of being the eternally single one who tags along and gets in the way of everyone else’s relationships. However, I’m very close to resolving for the new year not to make do with anything that is offered, like I usually do, and to be more picky. Somehow I can’t see that one lasting, but the sentiment is there.

I suppose I should hope that I stop being such a moody bastard and give my friends a rest, but again, I can’t see it happening.

What I can see happening, is me getting very annoyed at the gym when I go back. I can almost guarantee that it will be so much harder to get machines when there due to the influx of New Year do-gooders who will have made the resolution to get thin. Not that that isn’t one of my resolutions, it’s just it isn’t a specifically New Year thing. Luckily, I reckon most of them won’t last as long as February and then it should return to normal. Here’s hoping and betting on the lack of willpower in others!

I also hope that my Submissions entry is successful adn I egt to direct Bat Boy in the Studio from May 9th-12th. It will be an amazing opportunity and for once I’ve actually worked hard preparing something. Fingers crossed for a gay, thespian, musical-theatre 2007! Yay!

Right – will sign off. Does anyone care about my New Year’s musings? I’m not sure they do, but it’s nice t get them down and see what I’m confronting myself with in this, my 22nd year on the planet.

Keep well


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  1. I care!!! xx

    02 Jan 2007, 23:04

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