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April 20, 2006

Warning – Repetitive Strain Injury – Exams

Congratulations to me - I got RSI

6 weeks of scribbling revision notes in the learning grid combined with frantic scribbling for 3 hours in the first exam of my finals yesterday has resulted in RSI. Repetitive Strain Injury – I heard it could happen at exam times and isn't uncommon but never expected it would happen to a work shy lazy bones like me although I did write 21pages in 3 hours during the exam. There is a lot to be said for being able to learn your lecture notes by reading them – but if I could do that I'd be at Cambridge by now.

-> so if like me you develop hugely stressful aches in your writing hand and begin to find it difficult to write, whilst you have a whole load more exams still to go and to do final last minute revision for – here are a few tips –

Treat RSI
a) ice pack, frozen peas – anything cold for a long period of time at regular intervals throughout the day to calm those tendons down
b) Rest it – whatever you do don't use what little mobility you have unnecessarily
c) Ibuprofen gel and regular massaging. The ibuprofen is a potent antiinflammatory.

Avoiding RSI in the first place
a) if it startss to hurt – stop writing and take a break – try reading your notes instead
b) limbre up/ warm up that hand before starting revision

If you have it really badly and can't write at all – speak to your head of studies and they will be able to arrange a "scribe," a person to write your exams for you. For which you also get extra time I am told but which is a bit of a bummer if you have lots of exams.

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