March 06, 2006

The story so far…

After graduating from Warwick last summer I started out on a foray into the world of teaching. Boldly going where so many have gone before (but not so many that they don't pay you £7000 just to train), meeting friends and oiks, driving away from school bashing my head against the steering wheel after hearing the words 'I don't get it sir' for the hundredth time inside five minutes.

My first placement was filled with adventure: students turning up drunk, telling me to 'Just Leave!', alliterating my surname with another word with which it shares five letters (not walked), blowing kisses at me, pretending to have Tourette's Syndrome, feigning punches and generally being little sxxxts.

Now, however I find myself at a successful Catholic School. After not having been to church since longer than, oh being at school, prayers have become part of the routine, the mundane, not something crazy people do on Sundays. And even though they're that bit politer the kids are still kids.

And so the adventures continue.

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  1. Cool, nice to hear from you again, it's been a while! You've got me more excited about starting my PGCE next year. Wondering what the kids will decide to call me. Probably something like 'you fat b***h' knowing the imaginations of cov kids!

    06 Mar 2006, 21:20

  2. Hey Mike! A new regular blogging phase?

    06 Mar 2006, 22:32

  3. Which school btw?

    06 Mar 2006, 23:13

  4. Good to see you update. :)

    06 Mar 2006, 23:20

  5. By this time next year you'll be sick of hearing the words: 'Are you a real teacher?' The next kid who asks me is going to get told that I'm actually a figment of his/her imagination.

    Could be a new blogging phase, I switched to another blogging system thing for a while but it all went wrong after a bit and started being rubbish. So in my experience I would have been better off staying with British Gas, er, Warwick Blogs.

    I'm probably best not saying which school – I'm nowhere near Warwick though so it'd be unlikely to ring any bells.

    Good to see you see me update!

    07 Mar 2006, 17:23

  6. Welcome back! :-)

    07 Mar 2006, 20:00

  7. It's nice to be back! I feel like a bit like the prodigal son, or perhaps I've been spending too much time around Catholics.

    07 Mar 2006, 20:48

  8. Just wondered if it was a Coventry one – was brought up on the local Catholic school circuit. Hope they are given you the same baptism of fire we always gave student teachers…infact i think they stopped letting us have them after a while :S

    07 Mar 2006, 22:27

  9. Actually most of the kids at this school are a delight to teach. It's most peculiar! I'm feeling paranoid that it's all a dream.

    09 Mar 2006, 21:21

  10. Leaf

    Cool.The school really matters.

    29 Dec 2006, 14:28

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