June 18, 2005


It's coming up to the end of the academic year. If you're neurotic like me this means you have to use up every last bit of food and all disposable items. The result is some interesting meals and perculiar behaviour…

Mike on food

"Gravy on pizza? Why not?"

"Cheese and tomato usually go well together, so cheese mixed with spaghetti hoops must work."

"I've always wondered what it would be like to eat 1/5 of a jar of oregano."

"I think there's some toast underneath this butter somewhere."

"Tomato Puree on waffles, mmmm"

Mike on drinks

"Damn! I accidentally forgot that I made a cup of tea fifteen minutes ago and now it's gone cold. Oh well, better make another."

"Surely milk can be used as a mixer."

"Whoops! I appear to have spilt my drink, again. I am clumsy tonight. Better get the kitchen towel out."

Mike on soap

"My hands might be bleeding but I wanted to be sure that they were clean."

…I have no idea why I don't just take the stuff home with me.

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  1. So you're going to be a….Maths teacher?

    You'll make a mint!

    18 Jun 2005, 22:51

  2. That comment was supposed to be in the entry below. I'm such a mouse retard sometimes it's not even funny.

    18 Jun 2005, 22:52

  3. I'll never understand why people don't take stuff home with them, everyone either tries to eat it all very quickly or just throws it away. Its fair enough if you live far enough away for frozen stuff to defrost but everything else could go!

    18 Jun 2005, 22:52

  4. Aye, but I'd rather make money James.

    No that's the beauty of it! You can have gluttonny contests because nowt has calories on the last day of term. Fact.

    18 Jun 2005, 23:08

  5. Ever tried Bovril out of the jar? :D

    19 Jun 2005, 02:55

  6. My thinking was:

    1.) Shortage of Maths teachers.
    2.) Supply and demand.
    3.) ???
    4.) PROFIT!

    19 Jun 2005, 03:08

  7. No but I've gone for a bit of marmite! mmmm, that's quite tasty.

    Actually, yeah, maths teachers get golden hellos = kerching!

    19 Jun 2005, 08:28

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