July 21, 2005

Don't read Day of the Triffids and Harry Potter in succesion

It really screws you up.

Day of the Triffids is by John Wyndham and is about a vaguely apocolyptic scenario. Added to the mix are these nasty walking plants (Triffids) that go around killing people. Nice.

Harry Potter is by… oh, some woman, I forget her name – it's not like it's plastered everywhere. I don't think any explanation about the books is needed somehow.

My Dream

The setting as with the Day of the Triffids is an apocolyptic scenario. In my dream it was brought about by a nasty disease (Bird flu?) spreading throughout the world. I'm lucky enough not to catch the disease, well it would've been a short dream if I had, wouldn't it?

I'm running around trying to get away from some nasty-pasty people who are intent of destroying the remnants of the human population. Why? Who knows? Perhaps they need an ASBO. Whatever their motivation they chase me into an empty swimming pool.

This is where the Harry Potter bit comes in, don't worry it's not specific to the HBP so is spoiler-free. It's simply about doing magic – you did realise Harry's a wizard, right? – I use magic (woohoo!) to get out the situation.

Next I'm running through a school looking for some crystal. There's a whole bunch of these and I need to unite them in order to… save the world? I don't know, if it was I wonder what that says about my personality that I think I have to save the planet. The idea is that on their own these crystals (Chaos Emeralds? I was looking at Sonic the Hedgehog games the other day) are fairly useless, but put together they're really powerful. Not that anyone wants to give up the individual crystals anyway. sigh.

I eventually get hold of the crystal I was looking for. And now, lo and behold, her are some Triffids. T'riffic! Or more precisely, here are some plants that look alot like the ones in our back garden, but with the minor difference that they're murderous.

Unfortunately I woke up. Although seeing how you only remember dreams if you wake up during them I guess it was fortunate, or the rest would have been a blank.

Still, it beats dreaming about bus journeys/going to Tesco.

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  1. Tom O'hens

    Hey Mike! Now for some blatant blog swapping/whoring! >

    No but I have actually alinked to you. Actually I have read it properly and to prove I was paying attention… I was playing Sonic the other day too. Keep it up dude.

    22 Jul 2005, 00:47

  2. HP was so good!!! But so sad…i was blubbering like a baby at the end.

    22 Jul 2005, 13:22

  3. Yeah, me too… er… ahem, I mean my face was set to a very manly sad and thoughtful expression.

    23 Jul 2005, 14:28

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