August 09, 2005

Bloggle is here!

Follow-up to Bloggle! from Bloggle

The rules are:

  • Make a word from the grid using adjacent (including diagonally adjacent) letters.
  • Each cube can only be used once.
  • For each grid come up with one word.
  • Slang, Proper Nouns etc… are all allowed.
  • The words don't even need to be English!
  • The length of the word is the number of points you get.

Bonus Points on offer:

  • x3 Finding a blogger's name.
  • x2 Finding an insulting word.

Grid 1

Grid 2

Grid 3

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Grid 1: Bendor, Igor (That's gotta be a blogger…)

    Grid 2: Twat, Twathair

    Grid 3: Pants, Zlnev

    09 Aug 2005, 14:51

  2. 1. does 'Newbi' count as an insult? I know I know, technically there should be an e on the end… but maybe this is a slang way of spelling it…

    2. Lia – I'm sure there's a blogger called that – just a shame she has such a short name.

    3. Vents, and I keep wanting to spell captain apart from that blummin' N in the wrong place.

    09 Aug 2005, 15:42

  3. Grid 1. Wercet – The opposite of a tremmel.

    Grid 2. Swathal – 1. A burrowing mammal that lives on ear wax. 2. A device for deactivating hyperintelligent super computers bent on survival at any cost.

    Grid 3. Sentapt – The old name for string used to bind letters into piles in old post sorting offices.

    09 Aug 2005, 16:01

  4. Grid 1: BIFTER - what we call a cigerette
    Grid 2: WARMTH - like what you feel inside when you see two kittens snuggled up in a box (or after drinking whisky)
    Grid 3: K.E.N.T. – Key Environmental Non-judgemental Taskforce, as in the radio 4 comedy

    09 Aug 2005, 22:30

  5. Grid 1: WIDGE! – Me. Also the full term: Widget.
    Grid 2: Swolt – To have swollen.
    Grid 3: Niaplets – Small worm like varicus veins.

    10 Aug 2005, 00:00

  6. Mathew Mannion

    You can't spell Widge… Need to use adjacent letters and traverse it (the next letter has to be next to the current one)

    10 Aug 2005, 00:22

  7. Ah bollox. And that isn't even on there either. I thought it was too good to be true. That'll teach me to skim through the rules.

    You seem to be correcting me an awful lot Mr M… perhaps you would like to join me in the exam rooms…

    10 Aug 2005, 00:37

  8. Judge Rules:

    • There should be more bloggers called Igor
    • Slightly mispelt Scrubs references are acceptable
    • er… Are those real words Dan? I can't be bothered to use a dictionary
    • Two kittens in a box does make you feel warm
    • Gavin is disqualififed for a blatant attempt at cheating!

    10 Aug 2005, 08:27

  9. I was so happy to see this entry because it gives me a chance to use my boggle solving computer program. Best words for grids 1 to 3 are recode, athwart and venatic – and they're all real words. And except for 'recode' they're pretty pretentious and superior. :-)

    10 Aug 2005, 22:01

  10. No I never done nuffink! I'm not intelligent enough to try and cheat. I just can't read proper. Or summfink. Honest. I wern't even there!

    10 Aug 2005, 23:37

  11. Bloggle solving computer program, wow! What will they think of next?

    I'll file your appeal to the Bloggle Association Gavin, you should get away with a fine and not be suspended from bloggle.

    11 Aug 2005, 08:43

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