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May 29, 2005

Back to School

This year I've been on the Students Associates Scheme. This is basically an opportunity for aspiring teachers to get a little bit of training and get some in school experience. So fundamentally it's like having a taster course for a PGCE.

At the end of this term I'm going into George Eliot School in Nuneaton. This means whilst almost everyone else at university is lazing around and having lie ins I'll be getting up early. I hope you'll think of me when I'm crawling out of bed at six in the morning, though it's probably best you don't get a good image in your head. I'm not too pretty at that (any?) time of day.

During term two I was in the school on Tuesday mornings. This gave me a chance to see what schools are like when you're not being forced to go there.

For the most part the pupils actually seemed friendly and polite enough, hell, even some of the ones wearing caps managed to be courteous. This was possibly the biggest surprise of the whole experience. It was rather strange to hear people calling me "sir", I'd expected to have to put up with "oi! you!" so I was most pleased. I could get used to that sort of thing.

As you would imagine there were some – how shall I put this? – less pleasant pupils. One particular scenario involved me having a cap (it's all about the caps) thrown at me. Gosh! In actual fact it was thrown by a teacher trying to throw it in a direction away from the owner of the cap, unfortunately this happened to be my direction. The pupil in question then put forward a well thought out and highly eloquent case for why the teacher ought to reconsider the confiscation of said headware. This involved repeating the words "I want my cap" over and over and generally looking rather put out. The poor lad clearly didn't know what to do without it, heaven forebid anyone see what the top of his head looks like.

The most worrying situation I found myself in was with a Year 10 class. I was informed that I "looked like that guy from The Office". Oh no! You have not known true fear until you are placed in a siuation where you believe a bunch of fifteen year olds are about to rename you David Brent. I braced myself. Luckily they were refering to Tim, which is a whole load more acceptable. This was a great relief, though I have no idea how they formed this opinion. Honestly, I don't look the slightest bit like the guy, heck I even might look more like Dawn! Perhaps they just feel compelled to think of lookalikeys for everyone they meet so they can remember their name. The fact that the name is incorrect is aside from the point, just so long as you have one. Needless to say they took to refering to me as "Tim" with great gusto. Still after the relief I felt from not being named David or Brent this state of affairs was actually quite satisfactory. Though if I were an actual teacher I think there'd be a balance of power issue with that one.

But I'm not in that siuation! Though I will get to teach a lesson when I go in at the end of term, which is certainly going to be an experience. All in all I'm looking forward to the three weeks I'll be there.

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