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June 24, 2005

My Results

UN365 Being Drunk and Stupid in the Union: 57 I could've done better. (Expected Mark: (edit) Mark E. Smith of the Fall)
UN321 Getting Union Gunk on my shoes during nights out: 72 Wearing white baseball boots helped here. (Expected Mark: Mark Blundell – ex F1 driver)
UN372 Making a Prat of Myself with Women in the Union: 96 Wow! My forte. (Expected Mark: Mark Owen form Take That)
UN264 Singing Along to Songs played in the Union and pissing off the people around me: 68 I understood half the course really well but other bits I didn't get at all. (Expected Mark: Mark Durden Smith – that TV guy who's the son of somebody else)
HR375 Use of Earplugs: 62 I really struggled with this at first. I owe my 2:1 here to my neighbour for watching TV loud late at night. Thank you so much! (Expected Mark: Mark Radcliffe – Radio 2 DJ)
HR399 Being Pissed of With people stealing stuff from the Fridge: 63 Reasonable, I tried so hard here! (Expected Mark: Mark from Channel 4's "Peep Show")
LT331 Falling Asleep in lectures: 34 Eek! I wasn't very good at this module. (Expected Mark: Mark Bright – ex-super-striker)
BL392 Blogging too much: 58 I've tried really hard but only understood it all quite late on. (Expected Mark: Mark-et Research)

Overall with my first two years taken into account I got 67. I'm sort of happy with a 2:1 but I'd have loved a first, three marks is quite close. If only I'd worked a bit harder!


Follow-up to Thursday from Bloggle

Another week over and a second consecutive slightly unhappy day. Ho hum! The trouble today wasn't from the kids it was more general exasperation. I really don't know if I can shout at kids, so may be I'll never be able to manage behaviour properly. It's a bit of a worry, my mentor in school keeps encouraging me to raise my voice more and be more authoritative, I don't know if I can and more than that I'm not sure I want to. But then, if given an aptitude test, who when asked "I like to yell at kids" would tick anything other than "strongly disagree"? I certainly wouldn't want to meet anyone who enjoys yelling at people half their size.

It's frustrating because I'm good at the other stuff. I get on well with the pupils (surely that's a necessity, why would you become a teacher if you don't even like kids?) and I can explain the maths really well. In the lesson my partner in school, Kar, was teaching one of the pupils said to me "Mr Walker. How come you're so much better at explaining things than Miss Low?" Seeing how I didn't want sound offensive about Kar I sort of muttered something about Kar having to try and manage the class whereas I didn't have to worry about that part and sort of trailed off. Inside I was beaming of course, that really made my day. This comment was followed up by a number of pupils asking hopefully if I'd be teaching them at some point. So at least someone thinks I'm doing a good job!

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