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May 20, 2005

Mike's F1 Championship: Round 5 Spanish Grand Prix

A week ago my friend Ian nagged at me for not having written up this round of the championship. Yes! You read correct. Someone actually bothers to read this tripe! It may have taken me a whole two weeks since the actual Grand Prix, but here at last is my round 5.


10pts Kimi Raikkonen I really love Kimi at the moment (not in a gay way, I'd still rather have his wife thanks), so I was happy to see him win. Considering I'm fairly anti-McLaren that really says how much Kimi rocks!

8pts Giancarlo Fisichella The sky turned black. Fire and brimstone rose from the earth, a cackling was heard from all around. The world seemed to fall apart for a moment because someone managed to overtake at Barcelona.

6pts Mark Webber Mark Webber qualifies well, through no fault of his own makes a crap start, finishes up sixth. Bet he thought he'd left those days behing with Jaguar.

5pts Jarno Trulli Because he seems a decent bloke in the interview in the latest copy of F1 Racing magazine. "I'll never be a superstar" is the quote on the cover. Fair play to him.

4pts Michael Schumacher I never thought it'd come to this but Michael Schumacher is getting pity points.

3pts Felipe Massa I can't remember where he finished, it was too long ago, but he's having a good season. How many drivers in F1 are making a former world champion team mate look silly?

2pts David Coulthard More? More? How many points does this guy want? Christ, he's doing better than last season in a McLaren. Wonder what Kimi would do in a Red Bull.

1pt Fernando Alonso I really need him to have a bad race so I can close things up a bit. Damn, he's just too good!


10pts BAR Yeah you heard me! That was brilliant interpretation of the rules. Stupid FIA getting all narky. F1 needs more cheating, it makes life interesting. Look at it this way: Would you rather hear about some clever way that a team cheated to get more pace or about how they worked for hours in a wind tunnel?

8pts McLaren Continuing my new pro-McLaren stance they get points. They do deserve them afterall. I still think they're a bit nasty, but maybe I'm turning to the darkside.

6pts Jordan Out of sympathy. The teams being slaughtered and now Alex Shnaider is apparently thinking about pulling out. It doesn't look good. If that weren't bad enough, there are rumours that a consortium led by Eddie Irvine are interested. oo er.

5pts Red Bull They just can't stop scoring points. Who'd've thought it hey?

4pts Minardi I don't need to justify my bias to you.

3pts Toyota God I'm bored of giving them a good score but it can't be helped. grrr.

-6pts Renault Stop screwing Fisichella over already.

-8pts Ferrari Just making hay while the sun shines.

-10pts Williams God they're awful this year.

Special Cases

10pts Mika Hakkinen For winning his first DTM race. Go Mika! (Plus it continues with the sudden urge to be nice about McLaren/Mercedes)

-10pts ITV They must have done something wrong.

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