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May 18, 2005

Spontaneous Giggage

At 5 o' clock tonight my friend Chris texted me to see if I wanted to go watch The Music play tonight. Seeing as the options were this or revision, by half seven I was on my way to the Coloseum – alas the club in Coventry and not the place in Rome.

Due to what may be claimed to be brilliant timing we arrived just before the support band were due on.

Onto the stage came a scruffy looking, scraggily haired lager lout type with a facial expression like he was ready to pick a fight. Surely not? Could it be? Liam Gallagher? Well, what do you think? It was in fact the singer for support band Agent Blue (or perhaps it was Blue Agent). Well I suppose it was a chance to rehearse for when I go to see Oasis play in July.

As it happens Agent Blue were pretty good, in spite of nearly losing it by announcing that they were from Stoke. Cue the crowd scratching their necks embarrassedly and avoiding eye contact with the band. Fortunately they rocked sufficiently to ride over this blip and get everyone going.

The Music came on at around half nine. They rocked quite nicely I thought, I think the (over used) description of a wall of sound fits quite nicely for them. I have to admit my knowledge of The Music is scant, so there were a few occasions where they'd announce they were playing such and such a song and everyone would go wild and I'd be left looking confused and trying to nod along in the right places. Having said that I'm a bit of a daydreamer meaing I hardly have a clue what's going on at the best of times (witness blog socials with me sat around looking perplexed) so this scenario wasn't exactly alien to me.

The other problem with going to gigs for bands you don't know that well is trick endings. This is where a song seems to stop and you start clapping only for it to start up again. The Music seemed to have a plethora of these, indeed one song contained two trick endings, which, personally I think is just asking for trouble.

Nevertheless it was thoroughly enjoyable. They caused constanation at the end though. They went of stage and most of the lights remained off, misleading the crowd into anticipating an encore. A few minutes went by with nothing happening, indeed it proved too much for some fans who ended up cheering when a roadie came on stage. Eventually it became clear that there wouldn't be an encore which resulted in some sections booing. Now, that was a bit presumptuous in assuming we deserved an encore. I find the whole idea of encores at gigs is a bit silly anyway. I mean The Music could quite easily have gone off ten minutes earlier and then come back and called that an encore, but no one would have gained anything from it. You never see real encores at gigs because they have to finish at set times, it's all a bit false really.

So it didn't spoil my night. I hadn't been the the Colly for a good while, it was nice to be back. I think they might even have done up the toilets since I was last there, though as I remarked to a friend, it may just be that they'd bothered to clean them. I was back home by half eleven and having done it and thought it, all that was left to do was to blog it.

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