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April 11, 2005

Zombie Dream

I have bloody weird dreams:

Zombies? Outside Tesco?: The dream starts off perfectly normally, I'm getting my shopping in. When I come out of the store there's this zombie walking around. I don't panic much at this point, I keep low and sort of hide away and leave without fuss.

Renault Clio: I'm in MS.01, towards the back (Which is the weirdest part, I never sit near the back in lectures). Only it's not a lecture, it's a car auction. I successfully bid for a Renault Clio.

ATTACK!: Now I'm at restaurant somewhere near a lake. Suddenly lots of Zombies start attacking. This bit was quite tense with lots of Zombie fighting. We (?) manage to escape and get across the lake away from the zombies.

Give me my car: Back in MS.01 and I'm trying unsuccesfully to get my Renault Clio, the austioneer promises I'll have it soon.

It gets worse: I'm in a cluttered hallway. A detective comes in accusing me of… whatever. I'm explaining that I want my Renault Clio soon to be able to escape from the Zombies who are growing in number. Zombies burst through the door and again I manage to escape.

What?: For some reason I've turned into Merry from Lord of the Rings and I'm with Pippin in a farmer's field. The farmer's none too pleased to see us. A zombie comes along and we run, the farmer gets into his house, but locks us out.

Ewww, gross!: Me and Pip' run for this shed on the other side of the field. We get in and manage to lock the zombie out, but it forces its way in. Pippin holds it down whilst I grab a spade and severe its head using a spade. Nice. This bit was rather gruesome actually, with lots of blood and bone. I never knew my mind was so sick. It "dusts" ala Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Unfortunately that's as far as the dream went, but let's face it, that's probably far enough.

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