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June 08, 2005

Who dies?

There's little over a month left until the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Already there's lots of discussion about who the Prince might be, but also a major character is supposed to bite the dust. Without being too morbid, who might that be?


Not likely to go this book, that would kind of defeat the point of a seventh. But he's got to die at some point, surely. I don't know about anyone else but if he's still alive at the end I don't think I'd sleep easy.
Probability of death before the end: 10/10
Probability of death in HBP: 0/10
Probability of renouncing his dark ways and opening a Garden Centre in Cornwall: 1/10, Would you buy a plant from him?


Could happen. I'm picturing an Obi Wan style "Strike me down and I'll become more powerful than you could possibly imagine", scenario. Don't reckon he'd mind dieing much if it helped the fight against Voldemort, besides he's getting on a bit anyway.
Probability of death before the end: 8/10
Probability of death in HBP: 5/10
Probability of Lenny Henry cutting off his beard for comic relief: 0/10, all good wizards need beards.

Editorial Note (Remove for publication): I hope no one notices that my picture of Dumbledore looks like a gnome.

He's a good bet to die before the end, though again I'd say not yet. His school friends all come under the categories of people who are dead, or he'd like to see dead. I figure he'll go the same way.
Probability of death before the end: 7/10
Probability of death in HBP: 3/10
Probability of Wolf-Lupin eating Cho Chang: 1/10, it'd be funny though.

A Weasley
Surely by the law of averages one of them's for it. Arthur and Ginny have had pretty close calls already, and Charlie works with dragons for Chrissakes. That's just asking for trouble. Reckon one of them dieing in this book wouldn't hurt the next. The big question then is which?
Probability of death before the end: 9/10
Probability of death in HBP: 8/10
Probability of Mrs. Weasley being flustered at some point: 10/10

Luna Lovegood
She's pretty morose so there's probably a good chance of her popping her clogs, though she'll probably be around for the seventh. Hell, maybe she wants to die. Maybe her and Harry will get it together in the next one and she dies to save him or something.
Probability of death before the end: 6/10
Probability of death in HBP: 4/10
Probability of her saying something weird: 10/10

Beatrix Lestrange
Think she might have pissed a few people off by killing Sirius. Me, for instance. But I don't think I'm likely to kill her. Lupin maybe? Harry's already put himself in the not-killing-for-revenge camp.
Probability of death before the end: 8/10
Probability of death in HBP: 7/10
Probability of making me struggle to pronounce her name in my head whilst reading HBP: 10/10

I think a number of characters are pretty certain not to die. These are:

Ron and Hermione
They'd better not die. JK Rowling would probably have to relocate to a small unheard of island in the Pacific Ocean to avoid being pitchforked if they do.
Probability of some Gryffindor lovin' 9/10, it's gonna happen.

Fred and George
The first rule of any good story is don't kill your comedy characters. Well, maybe it's not the first rule but it's got to be in the top ten.
Probability of royally pissing everyone off with some prank: 8/10

Again with the comedy. He's too nice to die anyway, can't see it happening.
Probability of letting some vital piece of information slip: 10/10


I reckon he's gonna become headmaster at Hogwarts in the end. I can definitely see it happening, assuming he lives of course. Probably he might have to do more undercover work as a Death Eater, so he's in a high risk position.
Probability of death before the end: 4/10
Probability of death in HBP: 2/10
Probability of giving Harry an A in potions: 0/10

I've come across suggestions that Harry and Voldemort's lives are so entwined that Voldemort might only be able to die if Harry does. Maybe, but I reckon that's where someone like Dumbledore might be able to come in and die in Harry's place somehow. And besides, can you really imagine the last line in the last book being "And Harry was dead"? Cue, millions of people jumping off a cliff.
Probability of death before the end: 3/10
Probability of death in HBP: 0/10 (Surely! Make it hard to get a seventh book out, though JK Rowling did seem to lose interest halfway through Order of the Pheonix)
Probability of whinging about friends/scar/girls/homework/anything he can think of: 10/10

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