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June 06, 2005

I love the Union…

…and its plethora of events, I really do, but sometimes it's just too tempting. Throughout the year we've had fliers for union events on our noticeboard (admittedly I was the one who put them up) and they've seaped into my brain. I couldn't take it anymore, I think I've snapped.

You might need to have been there for the Week 4 event to get that, but it's kinda true anyway.

I really can't see why no one's contacted me asking me help with the marketing for union events.

Concerning Blogs

Did you know that blogs are actually living creatures? No? Well, now you do, I've just been on safari getting some pictures of them (it was dangerous, some blogs are better left alone, believe me):

Warowickinti Blogorro (Warwick Blog)

The "typical" Warwick Blog. They are happy little creatures that go around spreading joy and happiness to those they meet. They avoid conflicts such as the War of the Beige in which many blogs lost their lives. Good examples can be found here and here and here and here

Agro Blogorro (Angry Blog)

These are very dangerous creatures. Dont get too close they might hurt you. They vary from being aggressively opinionated to just being plain aggressive. An example is here (Oh, like you couldn't have figured that out for yourself)

Torificus Blogorro (Tory Blog)

These are foul creatures with hearts of coal. They are looked upon with contempt by many other blogs. Keep away from them, it may be contagious. An example of a Torificus Blogorro is… how the heck would I know? I kept my distance.

Quizilla Blogorro (Online-quiz Blog)

A curiousity among blogs. They're very keen on looking for questions rather than answers. Most other blogs regard them as slightly perculiar but they don't cause harm to others and as such deserve to be let be. An example is… they're everywhere! You can't avoid them.

Intelligenti Blogorro (Clever Blog)

These are quite sophisticated blogs. They know what they're talking about (or at least make it sound like they do). Some offer critiques, others go around spouting poetry and others stories. They are the leaders amongst Warwick Blogs and deserve our respect. Examples: Here and here

Editorial Note (Include for Publiction): Of course, there are many wonderful blogs out there that haven't been mentioned. There really isn't time or space to list them all, but rest assured they weren't left out on purpose, I just happened to mention the ones I saw whilst on safari.

Editorial Note (Remove for Publication): Fucking Tories.

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