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February 25, 2016

MITN PG/ECR Meeting #3: Space, Place and the City

MITN PG/ECR Meeting #3

Space, Place and the City

The third MITN PG/ECR meeting took place on Wednesday 3 February, and a new research cluster on ‘Space, Place and the City’ was introduced. The aim of the cluster is to bring together postgraduate students with similar or complementary research interests, with a view to facilitating fruitful discussion, collaboration and intellectual innovation across the Warwick and Monash campuses. As a student-led, interdisciplinary group, the cluster intends to provide a motivating platform for MITN members to share ideas and experiences around themes such as place and non-place, translation, third space, migration and wandering, among others.

The cluster organisers, Alice Whitmore (Monash) and Ayten Alibaba (Warwick), briefly introduced the aims and possible outcomes of the cluster. Inter-campus ‘Reading Group’ events, which will take place throughout the year, will see participants convene via the international portal to discuss seminal texts related to the cluster’s central themes. The first reading group event will take place on Thursday 10 March. Also discussed was the possibility of a ‘Space, Place and the City’ symposium towards the end of 2016, presenting some of the collaborative research outcomes achieved throughout the year.

Alice and Ayten proposed three research questions to get participants thinking about potential avenues of research and collaboration.

1. What is a ‘city’? How do we define spaces within, or outside of, the cityspace?

2. What kinds of translation occur within and between cities? Does this differ from place to place (i.e. in London and in Melbourne)?

3. How are spaces constructed through human interaction? How does our physical movement through a place, or between two places, affect our understanding of space and belonging?

The plenary participants discussed these questions and showed, once again, how interactive and productive inter-campus events can be. A number of fascinating themes - including public space, cartography, urban design and architecture, accessibility, eco-criticism, migration and identity, place and belonging, performativity, and ‘nation’ studies (the trans-city?) - were explored, setting the scene for more profound and nuanced discussions to come and provoking a number of unforeseen juxtapositions (de Certeau and Google maps, urban interaction and entertainment, among many others). Stay tuned!

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