April 04, 2008

Overseas Aid ranking

Writing about web page http://www.reuters.com/article/latestCrisis/idUST72284

I have nothing against Japan, or the sincere desire by anyone to contribute resources and funds towards development. But i think it is sad that when i receive my daily development news update 98% of the news is about aid availability and distribution from developed countries to developing countries. 

While i feel strongly critical of the promotion of aid (to the extent that there is some kind of comeptition and ranking between the countries giving aid), and think that it has created and consolidated a cyclical relationship of dependency  between the developed and developing countries; I understand the need which exists in many of these countries. It is a sad case of 'Can't live with it, can't live without it'...but if developing countries will take responsibility and put the aid they receive to good use, they can work their way out of dependency. According to Henrique Cardoso, there is a capability of 'associated dependent development'.

March 04, 2008

The search for meaning…

Fight Club
Not rated

The search for meaning in a world where existence seems to be spiralling further beyond the control of individuals or small groups...into the hands of technocrats, media, and the unseen forces which define global life. Fight Club is the inner struggle of one man to break free from this controlled reality. He takes this journey in phases, as he discovers that there is no middle ground in the quest for 'freedom'...he must take a stand and that is an extreme position! He finds this haven in his mind which he cannot but share with others and slowly he builds an army of militants who set goals to destroy the structure of capitalist-consumerism.....an exciting and stimulating twist of intense ideological perceptions, a handful of deep psychological issues and amazing acting! It represents the inner voice in our heads as we go through day after day of 'life as we know it'.

Welcome to FIGHT CLUB!!! 

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