June 06, 2007

Homebrew yeast!!!! Ex Guinness.

AMAZING, sports fans ! I am making homebrew beer for the first time in about 12 years. I use proper barley malt grain, whole hops-the whole real ale thang.

I used to use yeast from Guinness bottles, but then they stopped making the bottle conditioned stuff, may the dung of a thousand camels descend into their vats.

BUT….12 years ago I bottled some beer with this yeast still in it as a sediment. Last week I drank the beer, and poured the sediment into a malt extract solution. IT WORKED!!

It’s alive, Igor, and ready to ferment my beer again!!.

Mr Guinness, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re crying into the insipid muck you claim to be stout. I’VE GOT YOUR YEAST HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

September 15, 2005

Welcome to Med School

Fourth day into induction week. I'm struggling for words. I got my offer 5 weeks ago having almost given up on the whole thing and I am still trying to get used to the idea. Even some of my family don't know yet.

I've just started this blog, and now I'm hungry as well as inarticulate, so more later…....

I'll be uploading some images from my hobbies, which are sailing tall ships and drawing (often both at the same time), so come back for a looksee.

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