May 31, 2013

The Confident Networker

This was a workshop to improve networking skills, whether it is at conference or simply on the train. It was run very well and was an enjoyable session run by Bev Walshe. She was enthusiastic and handled the group well. She got us to present ourselves in welcoming manner, to portray ourselves as confident but approachable.

This session taught us how we should conduct ourselves during networking opportunities; which we were taught is part of our daily lives, its not a predefined event or function. We are constantly amongst strangers in our routines and we are approached by others and we also need to approach other people likewise. The activities highlighted many aspects such quick but concise introductions, use of appropriate words and body language.

This taught me many new skills and techniques and improved my confidence to meet new people and introduce myself without messing up. We were also given the idea to make our own networking cards which we could hand out to people at networking events or if we happen to strike up a conversation on a commute but wish to continue later on.

I have utilised the lessons learned from this event at subsequent networking events and in daily meetings. I am due to present at GSK and will no doubtly be networking with peers and people in industry; I shall employ my newly learnt skills no doubt.

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