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The University of Warwick Music Centre “the most dynamic campus Music Centre – probably” is where you will find an enthusiastic group of students (and staff) who between them are involved in over 20 ensembles of bands, orchestras and choirs. Because there is no degree in music at Warwick, everyone is always equally welcome to join in the non-auditioned ensembles or to audition for places in the smaller wind, vocal and theatrically based music societies. Tuition is also available.

The Music Centre offers a huge variety of musical opportunities to a wide range of both students and non-students. With award winning Ensembles, regular socials and tours, and performances throughout the year, it truly is a place to get involved in if you have a passion for music.

Why not drop in and find out a bit more, explore this blog or visit the website: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/musiccentre/

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