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October 11, 2007


Here’s me and my band doing an ‘amazing’ cover of Rihanna at the Hope & Anchor in Islington.

You’ll love it…

EDIT: I Guess I’m Floating has a slightly different cover up right here by Tegan and Sara. Theirs doesn’t have a solo though… :P

August 01, 2007

Needs more strings

Radio 1 has literally jizzed itself with glee at the fact that they’ve had a positive response to starting to play the track “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s. The track has done pretty well, not least in that it reached the top of the charts in the US over a year after its initial release (as Wikipedia says, no doubt because of it’s appeal to weepy housewives as well as teenagers).

When I listen to it though, it’s just… bland. But when you listen to it closely, I think I know what’s missing; cliche as it is on an emo-acoustic track, it needs strings. Not in the first verse, of course, oh no – it needs them in the second verse. Gentle violins playing what the guitar is trying to emulate with a cellist line. Awesome.

I wish I had the skills to mash up some strings into this (I think if I had a midi keyboard it would take me all of about 20 minutes to show you what I mean), but you can just imagine in the meantime.


Alternatively, buy it on iTunes, saving yourself £7.

July 20, 2007

The promised mash up tracks

Follow-up to Call For Submission: Mashups from á la discothèque

In the comments to this entry I promised “I’ll be on this like a mofo, mashups are probably my strongest area of musical expertise. POSTS TO COME!” then never delivered. Consider this the first instalment.

First up we have I’m Real A Little While, by Huerzo. This is a mash up of U2’s “In a Little While” with J-Lo’s “I’m Real”.

I don’t know who Huerzo is, but I sure like his mashups. You can find more here.

I first heard that mash up on the 4th Make Some Noise podcast, a brilliant selection of mash ups and remixes presented by Andy Churchill, one of whose tracks I’ve chosen to feature next. This is a favourite of mine, Cleaning Out My Fly, Eminem’s “Cleaning Out My Closet” VS Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away”. Simple, but I like it.

Finally I want to introduce you to a classic: Soulwax’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit vs Bootylicious” (Nirvana vs Destiny’s Child). I first heard this on Soulwax’s excellent Christmas Hang The DJ Mix on Radio 1 back in 2001. However, it’s a little unclear if the mashup is actually theirs so any advice/correction on that would be appreciated. Here’s a video mash up for double fun (the editor seems to have made the video Destiny’s Child heavy, which, given their yumminess, I have little complaint about).

Actually, I’m pretty sure the music used there is an inferior edit to the one used on the Hang the DJ set, but I’m leaving it anyway.

That’s enough for now. I hope you like.

July 17, 2007

More Proof That Being Mad + Being Irish = Brilliance

Whilst Mat’s using a la discotheque to persuade the world that Kate Nash is the best female sing songwriter about (and she is rather ace) I dispute this. How can anything better this, the new single, and bonkers video, from Roisin Murphy, ex of Moloko?

It’s called ‘Overpowered’ and is made of pure awesome.

It’s an electro pop gem, and is going to sound amazing in clubs. Harass your local DJ for it now!

That is all.

July 01, 2007

A new addiction

Kate Nash. ♥

Kate Nash – Foundations


Thanks Eddie

February 15, 2007

It was acceptable in the A–Team

Calvin Harris, an electro-indie artist from Dumfries, has weaned his way into being Scott Mills’ record of the week with Acceptable in the 80s, and has posted the video onto Youtube.

If you love Streets of Rage, you’ll love this.

January 12, 2007

From The Basement – Thom Yorke

Whilst searching around for a good quality version of Radiohead's new song Videotape, I came across a wonderful idea from Nigel Godrich, Radiohead's producer, to shoot a video podcast with several bands from London's Maida Vale studios. No studio audience, no presenter, just the artist's raw audio on stage shot in beautiful HD.

The price is a bit steep at £1.89 per song and £9.48 for a (6-song) show, which lasts around half an hour, but after watching the sample I decided to buy it and I couldn't be happier. Thom's performance of an acoustic version of Videotape is simply breathtaking, and I highly reccomend that everyone promptly goes out and pays out £2 on iTunes or 7digital to experience it, because he really is a bloody genius.

Show 1 also includes three tracks from The White Stripes and a jazz collaboration between one of the guys from Four Tet and some jazz musician I've never heard of. 


From The Basement 

October 19, 2006

Muse – Knights of Cydonia Video

Muse have announced that their epic album-closing space-rock cowboy-fest ear-fisting smash Knights of Cydonia on November 27th. Not only is it my favourite Muse song ever, but definitely the funniest Muse video by a long way… Yes, in the uncut version there are boobies. And yes, it is awesome.


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