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July 07, 2006

Mixtape: Summer


So summer is here… As a former student, it still feels like I should be spending every day lounging outside in shorts drinking Budweiser at 10.30am… Except that when I say 10.30am, I mean 4pm… Anyway. I'm off to France for two weeks at the end of next week, so I was trying to put together a laid back (yet awesome) mixtape that I could enjoy whilst dozing in the back of the car on the long drive down. This is what I came up with, mostly with laid back music or from SXSW '06 artists… Anyway. Enjoy!

Radiohead – Paranoid Android MP3 Expired [Buy (only £3.99!!!)]
Dresden Dolls – Sing MP3 Expired [Buy]
Magnolia Electric Company – Dark Don't Hide It MP3 Expired [Website]
Persephones Bees – Nice Day MP3 Expired [Buy]
The Thrills – Tell Me Something I Don't Know MP3 Expired [Buy]
Keith – Replica MP3 Expired [Buy]
Sia – Breathe Me MP3 Expired [Buy]
Lily Allen – Smile MP3 Expired [Buy]
Replica X – Requiem MP3 Expired [Website]
Dash Rip Rock – Locked Inside a Liquor Store MP3 Expired [Buy]
Tapes'N'Tapes – Cowbell MP3 Expired [Buy]
TV On The Radio – Staring at the Sun MP3 Expired [Buy]
The Knife – Bird MP3 Expired [Buy]
Under Byen – Hjertebarn MP3 Expired [Buy]

Edit (Saturday 8th July 06): Courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear, I've come across this quite beautiful unreleased Voxtrot track, which is quite special… and fits perfectly on here. So add it!
Voxtrot – Warmest Part of the Winter MP3 Expired (Courtesy of here)

July 05, 2006

Meet The Contributors – Holly Cruise

Name: Holly Cruise
Number one in UK when I was born: Wham! – 'Freedom'.
First album bought: Catatonia International Velvet. Still one of the best ever.
First gig attended: Space at the Stoke Sugarmill (I think) in 1998. I was 13 and went with my mum.
These following questions are going to look like a proper Manic Street Preachers love-in so I shall also mention things I like which aren't political Welsh rocker shaped...
Favourite album: Manic Street Preachers Everything Must Go but after that Elastica - Elastica.
Favourite song: Manic Street Preachers - 'Design For Life' but after that Interpol - The Specialist.
Favourite gig: Manic Street Preachers at V2002 or possibly Arcade Fire at Leeds 2005. This is pretty much a tie.
Favourite band: Work it out…
Favourite genre: Indie, but I'm fairly unfussy.
The band you like but are embarassed about/feel is a little out of place in your collection: Girls Aloud own pop.
Number of CDs bought since 1st January 2006: 45 with others acquired (legally) for free.
What musical event would you most like to see happen: The ghosts of John Lennon, Kirsty Maccoll and Richey Edwards (he's dead) chasing Simon Cowell, Louis Irish fella and all other pop svengalis who think dull dull ballads are enough to justify pop groups' existences, off the white cliffs of Dover.
Musical hero: John Peel. He liked what he liked, regardless of genre or whether anyone else liked it.
Music's biggest enemy/ies in my opinion are: The aforementioned pop managers who believe that image is enough to sell records (an aural experience) and have corrupted pop as a result. Good pop is about good songs as well as the image. We are slowly remembering this but tripe like Westlife still exists so beware.

Three tracks I love for your pleasure

Doves – 'Sea Song' MP3 Expired [Buy from Amazon]
Manic Street Preachers – 'Prologue To History' MP3 Expired [Buy from Amazon]
The Futureheads – 'Cope' MP3 Expired [Buy from Amazon]
The Knife – 'The Captain' MP3 Expired [Buy from Amazon]

Tracks are for sampling purposes only and will be deleted two weeks after this entry.

I work very hard but I'm lazy, I can't take the pressure and it's starting to show...

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