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June 21, 2007

Galbadia Hotel for game music

Follow-up to More Ukulele game tracks, YES! from á la discothèque

Perhaps you would like to hear the original versions of the cover tracks in the previous post?

Galbadia Hotel is a great site for animé and videogame music.

There appears to be no Alex Kidd soundtrack on there though. Odd.

Here’s a link to a Double Dragon soundtrack.

and here’s the Moon track from Ducktales WARNING: VERY BEEPY.

Because that version is beepy (but the tune is actually really good) here’s a midi remix which may or may not sound nicer:

The Moon – Retaliation remix

and here’s a midi remix, of Prog Rock-like levels of indulgence:

The Moon – “Journey to the Moon” (7’’ Romantic Space Remix)

Enjoy. Well, if you like this sort of thing – chirping, beepy 8-bit music is something of an acquired taste, I think.

More Ukulele game tracks, YES!

Follow-up to Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra play video game music from á la discothèque

No sooner, it seems, had I blogged here about Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra and mourned the lack of anything new, than they release some new pieces, here

We’ve got Alex Kidd, Double Dragon and Ducktales to listen to. Exciting.

Alex Kidd

Double Dragon



I got this excellent news from insert credit – who knows how long it would have taken me to find out, otherwise?

June 01, 2007

Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra play video game music

These guys recorded these tracks a while back but it’s really hard to find what they’re up to now. It’s a group of Ukulele players playing and singing video game music. They do also do other music, one track of which I’ve included below.


Here’s the last website link I can find to them. 2005, yikes.

I know they’re a bit freewheeling and out of tune with each other in places, but I like it and hope you do too.

F-Zero Theme

Kid Icarus

Space Harrier

Triple Changers Transformers


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