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July 04, 2006

Mixtape: Independence Day

Independence Day

So, it's Independence Day today. And on the same day where 77% of Britons said that America are doing it wrong, I guess it's a wonderful opportunity for me to release a mixtape on the whole situation for our transatlantic brothers and sisters.

My guessing is every other MP3 blog on the net will be doing something similar anyway.

So, enjoy!

David Bowie – I'm Afraid of Americans (from Earthling)

The first thing I did when I was looking for songs for this was to go into MediaMonkey and do a search for "Independence". Hmm... Nothing. I don't even have the Independence Day OST anymore :( I'm sure I had that theme… maybe I had a microphone next to the TV with a VHS playing, but I'm sure I had it, oh well.

Anyway, any opportunity to give a song from the living legend that is Bowie will be gratefully accepted, and I remember this song from when I drunkenly bought his Greatest Hits CD, and I thought it was rather apt. "Johnny wants a plane, Johnny wants to suck on a Coke, Johnny wants a woman, Johnny wants to think of a joke, Uh–uh–uh uh, uh, uh–uh uh–uh–uh, Johnny's in America" isn't exactly Bowie's best lyrics, but hey, it's all good.

MP3 Expired Buy 'Earthling'

Something Corporate – Miss America (from North)

I've always liked Something Corporate. It's a refreshing mix of punk–piano–pop that's always nice to listen to when you're relaxing or you want a singalong, and Miss America is actually one of my favourites. I think the thing I'm most attracted to about Something Corporate's music is their lyrics, so "I'll miss my Miss America" rolls off the tongue well enough to have me hooked (yes, I'm shallow, sorry.)

MP3 Expired Buy 'North'

The Beautiful South – The Sound of North America (from Blue Is The Colour)

Of all the bands that I like, I think The Beautiful South were the first one I actually got into. My dad had Carry On Up The Charts on tape in the car pretty much constantly when I was about 11 or 12, and I hadn't really decided whether I loved music yet. I knew I liked music, but I hadn't gotten into the love yet. I used to play keyboard (yes, laugh) and I knew every song out of CoutC on it, so there. And I can still remember the lyrics and sing most of them too. Bad.

Anyway, The Sound Of North America is actually from one of the first CDs I ever had, Blue Is The Colour (the one with Rotterdam and Don't Marry Her on) and the lyrics are pretty profound, even if the song is pretty middle of the road.

The sound of New York City isn't police sirens wailing, It's the sound of Wall Street tills whilst everyone else is failing

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Morrissey – America is not the World (from You Are The Quarry)

Hmm… Morrissey. I like The Smiths, but I don't like a lot of their songs. It seems that now that Morrissey is out there on his own, all that was good about The Smiths has gone away and he's kept all the crap, opinionated rubbish that he had before.

But anyway, this kind of fits in, and it's quite a good track really… Lots of people like Morrissey, just not me.

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h6.Trey Parker – America, Fuck Yeah! (from Team America OST)

As soon as I thought to do this mixtape, it was always going to be leading up to this really. After we've had Morrissey and Bowie battering the beautiful land of the free, we'll end with an epic, touching sojourn into all that's good about America. Close your eyes, sit back, forget The Star Spangled Banner, and just think how much better the world would be if this were the national anthem of the land of the free…

I still have hope. And this blog epitomises at least three of the parts of the song…

McDonalds, fuck yeah! Wal-Mart, fuck yeah! The Gap, fuck yeah! Baseball, fuck yeah! NFL, fuck yeah! Rock and roll, fuck yeah! The Internet, fuck yeah! Slavery, fuck yeah!

MP3 Expired Buy 'Team America OST'

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