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December 15, 2007

Digital Laptop Reggae

Writing about web page


My iPod broke ages ago, and I haven’t had a portable music player since. While this is quite liberating in a way, it’s also a little annoying if when at work and battling with something on the computer (or simply going through a repetitive process) it’s nice to have some music to bob along to and ‘get in the groove’... as you do.

So I’ve been scouring places for streaming good music online, the obvious contenders being and the Hype Machine, but I wasn’t quite satisfied. Okay, maybe I was, but I was still thinking of something a little bit different to the usual.

That’s when my fellow colleague sent a link over to Jahtari, a site claiming to be the pioneers in the genre of Digital Laptop Reggae, fully electronic sampled instruments, to the traditional ‘riddim’s of reggae or dub.

I was a bit put off at first, the chiptune tones of a reggae laptop remix of that C64 classic title track International Karate + (i.e. wtf), wasn’t quite what I had in mind. Searching around though and this first digital long player release is a pretty good indicator of what you have in store. A lot of the tracks lean more to the dub and deep side of reggae, which is possibly for the better, as the keys and chords simply don’t have the same crispness as a real guitar or organ. There’s plenty to peruse over as well, with a bucket load of digital seven-inches (complete with authentic ‘scratch’ noises!) and EP’s for stream and download that I can’t possibly go over in one sitting.

Partially because in the end, I skipped over all the laptop gubbins and after further digging headed to the Trojan and Studio 1 mixtapes they have up for streaming, and damn are they good! Kinda unfortunate that it overshadows the rest of their exploits, but hey, it shows they have good taste.

(You probably have to scroll the tapes down a bit to get to them, or alternatively, open up the flash player and click on ‘mixtapes’)

Anyhow, it’s deliciously retro designed, and comes complete with a set of magazine style articles that flit between reggae, retro computers and err… back again, if you haven’t been enticed already…

November 01, 2006

Music for November

Since another month has passed and it’s starting to get increasingly frigid outside, and without the warmth of a woman’s flesh to get my mind through the day, I decided to see what I could do with a search for “November” in my music.

Admittedly, this is only my music at work, but it’s nevertheless very poor. Someone do better!

Julie Doiron – Snow Falls in November

Julie Doiron

It all started so well. Julie Doiron is a Canadian singer/songwriter (seem to have a lot of female singer/songwriters out lately!) who’s been around for ages and ages, and this was the track she submitted as a taster for SXSW ‘06.

Julie Doiron – Snow Falls in November MP3 Expired (Buy Goodnight Nobody)

Guns N’ Roses – November Rain

November Rain goes on for ages, and it’s really quite boring except for the chorus, and the video’s really annoying. I mean, really, what the hell’s going on? Everything’s fine, then the woman trips over the table on her wedding day, and dies. What the shit? How can tripping over a table on your wedding day confine you to a coffin, and more interestingly, why is Slash playing an ultra-long solo at your funeral, you freak?

Guns N’ Roses – November Rain MP3 Expired (Buy Use Your Illusion Vol I Appetite for Destruction)

Morrissey – November Spawned a Monster

Morrissey. He’s a strange one, he is, you’d think with his quiff and whatnot that he’d be quite happy with his lot in life and wouldn’t be depressed at all or really moody. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, he’s a right moody bastard and he’s always going on about how he wants to die or how he’s blind or how some other guy died and he hates his life. Moany git. And with lyrics like these, how could anyone hate him?

The poor twisted child, You’re just so ugly, so ugly

Thanks, Morrissey.

Morrissey – November Spawned a Monster MP3 Expired (Buy Bona Drag)

I avoided putting in Gorrilaz – November Has Come because I didn’t like it, and after straining to the point of a blood vessel exploding all over my desk I also avoided putting Regina Spektor’s On The Radio in because it namechecks November Rain, but christ, it was a struggle.

August 17, 2006

Response to the sleep mini–mix: Mat's Sleeping Mix

Follow-up to Mini–mix : Sleep from á la discothèque

Sleepy Commuter

Without wanting to steal some of the thunder from Jim’s excellent Sleep Mini-Mix, it inspired me to create my own, longer version. Whereas Jim made an excellent job of mixing the tracks together seamlessly, I’m rubbish at that kind of thing so I concentrated more on the ordering and making sure that things flowed smoothly from track to track, much like an album ordering… so this is more of a mixtape than a mix :) But enjoy, nevertheless.

Note: If you use the in-browser player, ignore the progress bar – tracks will play one after the other

MP3’s Expired

  1. Radiohead - Go to Sleep [Buy Hail to the Thief]

  2. British Sea Power - To Get to Sleep [Buy Open Season]

  3. Belle and Sebastian - We Are the Sleepyheads [Buy The Life Pursuit]

  4. Hope of the States - 66 Sleepers to Summer [Buy The Lost Riots]

  5. Voxtrot - Fast Asleep [Buy Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Wives]

  6. Idlewild - Let Me Sleep (Next to the Mirror) [Buy 100 Broken Windows]

  7. Something Corporate - As You Sleep [Buy North]

  8. The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight [Buy Give Up]

  9. The Flaming Lips - Sleeping on the Roof [Buy The Soft Bulletin]

  10. Eels - I Need Some Sleep [Buy Shrek 2 OST]

  11. Evanescence - Goodnite [Unreleased]

Mini–mix : Sleep


We all love a little sleep don’t we?
Here’s another mini-mix dedicated to those days where you’d just love to stay in bed five more minutes…I decided to have a go at making a little seamless mix, I’ll upload the separate files in a day or two. I don’t think I’m ready to handle more than five songs in a row…I think I’ve just about managed with this. Post about your own sleepy soundtracks!

I’m Only Sleeping – MP3 Expired (a la discotheque Mini-Mixtape)

1. The Vines – I’m Only Sleeping (The Beatles cover) [buy I Am Sam soundtrack]
2. Coldplay – Sleeping Sun [buy Talk single]
3. The Postal Service – Sleeping In [buy Give Up]
4. Stars – Sleep Tonight [buy Set Yourself On Fire]
5. LCD Soundsystem – Never As Tired As When I’m Waking Up [buy LCD Soundsystem]

Following on from the unintentional plagarism post, what do you reckon the odds are that James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem really was intentionally completely ripping off The Beatles with the solo that ends this mix?

August 15, 2006

Best of SXSW 2006

SXSW 2006 Logo

For those who don't know what SxSW (South by South West) is, it's a festival that takes place every Spring in Texas and usually has over a thousand performers for music and film (generally independent). With over a thousand artists to listen to, obviously people can't hear everything, so they release a sample song of every band that's performing on the SXSW Showcases website. This allows music fans who are going to the event to pick who they are going to listen to, and also allows me to pick a load of artists to showcase here as I've listened to all 973–odd of the buggers.


The Soft Lighties - Black Skinheads in White Pants - MP3

Captain - Frontline - MP3

Laura Veirs - Galaxies - MP3

The Mammals - Father William - MP3

Man Man - I, Manface - MP3

Lady Sovereign - Hoodie - MP3

Tapes N' Tapes - Cowbell - MP3

Metric - Monster Hospital - MP3

Amos Lee - Colors - MP3

K'naan - In The Beginning - MP3

The Cinematics - Chase - MP3

Talib Kweli - Right About Now - MP3


July 19, 2006

Music For a Heatwave

Heatwave As we're set for record temperatures for a July day today, I thought I should raid my music for appropriately themed music to share. I discovered, to my horror, that I had no music by hit 70s group Heatwave, and neither did I have Marylin Monroe's 'Heatwave'.
Having ruled those out, I then looked for some of the most stereotypical titles associated with this weather, and so I bring to you 6 tunes of varying coolness for this hottest of summer days!

Sandra – In the Heat of the Night [Buy 'The Essential Sandra']
Billy Idol – Hot in the City [Buy 'The Greatest Hits]
Suzanne Vega – 99.9F [Buy '99.9F']
Stereophonics – Lying in the Sun [Buy 'Just Enough Education to Perform']
Doves – Catch the Sun [Buy 'Lost Souls']
Chicane – Low Sun [Buy 'Behind the Sun']

If anyone has any more suggestions please add them as comments!

July 08, 2006

Mixtape: Dr Who


I know that this cult TV classic may not really be a suitable area for a music blog to be delving into. But after the football and the tennis, this is the one thing that everyone’s looking forward to this weekend. All be it with some trepidation. So to prepare you for the wonders of tonight’s show I have put together a few songs that are somewhat appropriate.

Take a listen before the extermination begins!

Thompson Twins – Doctor! Doctor! MP3 Expired (from The Greatest Hits)

Okay, so this was blatently the result of a search through my collection for the word ‘Doctor’. And it even has some appropriate lyrics: Come with me and make believe we can travel to eternity It’s a very Rose–esque type of lyric overall. There’s the whole sense of attachment. And of course it gives me an opportunity to share some of my collection of 80s electronica. In all though it’s a pretty simple piece, but still somehow fitting.

Buy 'The Greatest Hits'

Billie – Walk of Life MP3 Expired (from The Best of Billie)

Yes, okay, it may be somewhat cringeworthy. It certainly takes me back to my teenage years and the associated embarrassment. But it is fitting to have the work of the delightful Miss Piper on this mixtape, especially seeing as it’s her last episode today. Again, the lyrics may fit somewhat into the context of the relationship between Rose and The Doctor. Are you gonna walk the walk of life with me? Are you gonna see more than you dreamed you'd see? Yes, it is pure pop, with saccharine sweetness and repetitive phrases that just won’t leave your head, but it’s worth it just to remember Billie in her past life!

Buy 'The Best of Billie'

Karminsky Experience Inc. – Exploration MP3 Expired (from The Power of Suggestion)

I adore this track. It combines a quote apparently taken from an astronaut (and if anyone knows who actually said it please let me know) with a funky, chill out beat, all with a little Indian style strings to top it off. I feel that I should also point you in the direction of the Karminsky Experience’s website, which is not only very cool, but also has samplers of quite a few of their tracks on it.

Buy 'The Power of Suggestion’

Dean Gray – Dr Who on Holiday MP3 Expired (American Edit)

Kindly provided by Mr Nick Howes is this brilliant Mashup of Green Day and Dr Who related moments. This speaks for itself (and I'm writing this when I'm knackered and know I cannot do this justice).


Orbital – Doctor ? MP3 Expired (from The Altogether)

I couldn’t do a Dr. Who mix without either this or the Timelords’ ‘Doctorin’ the Tardis’. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the latter, so you’ll have to make do with this working of the theme and me chattering away about Orbital for a while. Orbital are best known for their performances atop scaffolds, wearing safety goggles. The brothers from Sevenoaks have headlined at Glastonbury twice (’94 and ’95), with a sound that represents the best of the acid–house period. This working of the classic theme was on their 2001 recording ‘The Altogether’ although I’m pretty sure it was being performed before this.
The theme itself is at the centre of much mythology, having been created by the BBC Radiophonic workshop, well before the invention of synthesizers. A full history of the piece can be found here. Enjoy!

Buy ‘The Altogether’

July 07, 2006

Mixtape: Summer


So summer is here… As a former student, it still feels like I should be spending every day lounging outside in shorts drinking Budweiser at 10.30am… Except that when I say 10.30am, I mean 4pm… Anyway. I'm off to France for two weeks at the end of next week, so I was trying to put together a laid back (yet awesome) mixtape that I could enjoy whilst dozing in the back of the car on the long drive down. This is what I came up with, mostly with laid back music or from SXSW '06 artists… Anyway. Enjoy!

Radiohead – Paranoid Android MP3 Expired [Buy (only £3.99!!!)]
Dresden Dolls – Sing MP3 Expired [Buy]
Magnolia Electric Company – Dark Don't Hide It MP3 Expired [Website]
Persephones Bees – Nice Day MP3 Expired [Buy]
The Thrills – Tell Me Something I Don't Know MP3 Expired [Buy]
Keith – Replica MP3 Expired [Buy]
Sia – Breathe Me MP3 Expired [Buy]
Lily Allen – Smile MP3 Expired [Buy]
Replica X – Requiem MP3 Expired [Website]
Dash Rip Rock – Locked Inside a Liquor Store MP3 Expired [Buy]
Tapes'N'Tapes – Cowbell MP3 Expired [Buy]
TV On The Radio – Staring at the Sun MP3 Expired [Buy]
The Knife – Bird MP3 Expired [Buy]
Under Byen – Hjertebarn MP3 Expired [Buy]

Edit (Saturday 8th July 06): Courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear, I've come across this quite beautiful unreleased Voxtrot track, which is quite special… and fits perfectly on here. So add it!
Voxtrot – Warmest Part of the Winter MP3 Expired (Courtesy of here)

July 04, 2006

Mixtape: Independence Day

Independence Day

So, it's Independence Day today. And on the same day where 77% of Britons said that America are doing it wrong, I guess it's a wonderful opportunity for me to release a mixtape on the whole situation for our transatlantic brothers and sisters.

My guessing is every other MP3 blog on the net will be doing something similar anyway.

So, enjoy!

David Bowie – I'm Afraid of Americans (from Earthling)

The first thing I did when I was looking for songs for this was to go into MediaMonkey and do a search for "Independence". Hmm... Nothing. I don't even have the Independence Day OST anymore :( I'm sure I had that theme… maybe I had a microphone next to the TV with a VHS playing, but I'm sure I had it, oh well.

Anyway, any opportunity to give a song from the living legend that is Bowie will be gratefully accepted, and I remember this song from when I drunkenly bought his Greatest Hits CD, and I thought it was rather apt. "Johnny wants a plane, Johnny wants to suck on a Coke, Johnny wants a woman, Johnny wants to think of a joke, Uh–uh–uh uh, uh, uh–uh uh–uh–uh, Johnny's in America" isn't exactly Bowie's best lyrics, but hey, it's all good.

MP3 Expired Buy 'Earthling'

Something Corporate – Miss America (from North)

I've always liked Something Corporate. It's a refreshing mix of punk–piano–pop that's always nice to listen to when you're relaxing or you want a singalong, and Miss America is actually one of my favourites. I think the thing I'm most attracted to about Something Corporate's music is their lyrics, so "I'll miss my Miss America" rolls off the tongue well enough to have me hooked (yes, I'm shallow, sorry.)

MP3 Expired Buy 'North'

The Beautiful South – The Sound of North America (from Blue Is The Colour)

Of all the bands that I like, I think The Beautiful South were the first one I actually got into. My dad had Carry On Up The Charts on tape in the car pretty much constantly when I was about 11 or 12, and I hadn't really decided whether I loved music yet. I knew I liked music, but I hadn't gotten into the love yet. I used to play keyboard (yes, laugh) and I knew every song out of CoutC on it, so there. And I can still remember the lyrics and sing most of them too. Bad.

Anyway, The Sound Of North America is actually from one of the first CDs I ever had, Blue Is The Colour (the one with Rotterdam and Don't Marry Her on) and the lyrics are pretty profound, even if the song is pretty middle of the road.

The sound of New York City isn't police sirens wailing, It's the sound of Wall Street tills whilst everyone else is failing

MP3 Expired Buy 'Blue Is The Colour'

Morrissey – America is not the World (from You Are The Quarry)

Hmm… Morrissey. I like The Smiths, but I don't like a lot of their songs. It seems that now that Morrissey is out there on his own, all that was good about The Smiths has gone away and he's kept all the crap, opinionated rubbish that he had before.

But anyway, this kind of fits in, and it's quite a good track really… Lots of people like Morrissey, just not me.

MP3 Expired Buy 'You Are The Quarry'

h6.Trey Parker – America, Fuck Yeah! (from Team America OST)

As soon as I thought to do this mixtape, it was always going to be leading up to this really. After we've had Morrissey and Bowie battering the beautiful land of the free, we'll end with an epic, touching sojourn into all that's good about America. Close your eyes, sit back, forget The Star Spangled Banner, and just think how much better the world would be if this were the national anthem of the land of the free…

I still have hope. And this blog epitomises at least three of the parts of the song…

McDonalds, fuck yeah! Wal-Mart, fuck yeah! The Gap, fuck yeah! Baseball, fuck yeah! NFL, fuck yeah! Rock and roll, fuck yeah! The Internet, fuck yeah! Slavery, fuck yeah!

MP3 Expired Buy 'Team America OST'

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