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October 24, 2006

Mat and Chris's Indie Nipple, 23rd October (Or not…)

Well, the radio show was cancelled this week with pretty much no notice, which is sad because I had quite a good playlist lined up for it with some classic choons. Unfortunately, it also means that the music that’s been piping into my ears for the past week can’t be showcased either, but here’s a few of the songs I would have played if I could actually talk properly and walk/drive without getting a massive headache.

Cansei de Ser Sexy – Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above

Cansei de Ser Sexy

CSS are a Brazilian band from São Paulo, whose name means “Tired of being sexy”... Apparantly they’ve been hyped to hell in their native Brazil, but they were relatively unknown over here in the UK until recently. As Holly pointed out there’s been a wealth of female-led band talent breaking through this year and CSS are definitely part of that bunch. Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above was their debut single from their eponymous debut album, released after CSS signed to Sub Pop, and it’s rather dishy.

And check out that guy’s moustache!

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Sleater-Kinney – Entertain


Now that Sleater-Kinney have announced that they’ve broken up,, I felt it was probably finally time to give them a listen and see what they were like. Unfortunately there are a lot of bands who were active in the time when I was pretty young and ignorant about music in general. Luckily, my friend leant me a copy of their album The Woods last week, and after a couple of listens I have to say that I’ve been very impressed. The stand-out track for me is Entertain, and here it is in all its glory.

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Keith – Hold That Gun


After hearing Replica earlier in the summer, I was very impressed with Keith, a four-piece band out of Manchester who have a sound in the same vein as the Cooper Temple Clause. I was equally miffed when I found out that their debut album, Red Thread, didn’t have Replica on it, since of all the tracks that I’ve heard (including all on the album), none stand out as well as that. Oh well, Hold That Gun is probably the best song on the album and showcases the bands’ talents well – definitely one to look out for in the future.

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Ladyfuzz – Bouncy Ball


Apparantly Ladyfuzz played in Leamington a couple of weeks ago, because Natalie asked me if they were any good – I said that I didn’t know but I’d heard good things. After getting my hands on their debut album, Kerfuffle, I’d have to say that they’re a little bit hit and miss, but there are some good tracks on there. Bouncy Ball is my favourite on the album, and has been released as a single and did quite well, apparantly.

I had no idea. Pretty out of touch…

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Sugar Ray – Every Morning

Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray are awesome and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a dick. As a bit of classic choon action I was going to play their top-10 smash Every Morning and get some bopping going on in the union, but alas! My plans were foiled by the lurgy. Curse you God, curse you.

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July 06, 2006


Writing about web page

Imagine if Elastica and Yeah Yeah Yeahs had a baby. First of all she'd have the most amazing fringe in the world ever, like mummy Justine and mummy Karen.

Second of all she'd make music which has the jerky, ADD excitement of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but with the flippant cool of Elastica. She'd be able to do the slow songs just as well as the fast ones. She'd be able to make German sound like the sexiest French phrase ever spoken (i.e. so sexy your underpants will make a b–line for the floor were you to hear it). She'd probably be called Liz Neumayr and be in a band with a drummer called Ben Esser and a guitarist called Matt Lord. And they'd call the band Ladyfuzz…

Ok, so Liz doesn't have the fringe which would lead us into a new era of fringe empowerment and wonder (shame) but the other ingredients are there so be satisfied goddam it! Ladyfuzz do sound like all those elements above. They sound like sweeties and happy colours and bouncing on a pile of matresses(not that I did this earlier, honest… ahem) but they also sound like brooding, moody, experimental seductionists. Sometimes in German! Austrian German!

Their website rather wonderfully proclaims that

they are not all ladies, some are boys too… but their music is all fuzz

and there does seem to be something endearing about them, their mild (i.e. not irritatingly forced) surreal side doesn't overpower their attempts to actually do something more interesting than just bash their instruments until they break. Whilst everyone seems to want a piece of The Futureheads' pie, Ladyfuzz have decided to take from the Sunderland group one of their more intriguing ideas – the a capella. 'Staple Gun' may not be enough kickstart the voice only revolution (though put it on a mixtape with 'Danger Of The Water'(The Futureheads) for a chilled listen) but it's great as a change of pace on their album, Kerfuffle which you really ought to go and buy before it ambushes you late and night with, frankly bonkers, single 'Bouncy Ball' an ode to, um, bouncy balls and gymnastics.

Ladyfuzz – 'Hold Up' MP3 Expired
Ladyfuzz – 'Immer Diese Liebe' MP3 Expired

[Buy on Amazon]

Tracks are for sampling purposes only and will be deleted two weeks after this entry.

Some nice videos and malarkey from their website.

"I have no friends, I guess I'm weird/When suddenly this ball appeared/My bouncy ball/Is so elastic/Against the wall/We do gymnastics."

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