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July 08, 2006

Mixtape: Dr Who


I know that this cult TV classic may not really be a suitable area for a music blog to be delving into. But after the football and the tennis, this is the one thing that everyone’s looking forward to this weekend. All be it with some trepidation. So to prepare you for the wonders of tonight’s show I have put together a few songs that are somewhat appropriate.

Take a listen before the extermination begins!

Thompson Twins – Doctor! Doctor! MP3 Expired (from The Greatest Hits)

Okay, so this was blatently the result of a search through my collection for the word ‘Doctor’. And it even has some appropriate lyrics: Come with me and make believe we can travel to eternity It’s a very Rose–esque type of lyric overall. There’s the whole sense of attachment. And of course it gives me an opportunity to share some of my collection of 80s electronica. In all though it’s a pretty simple piece, but still somehow fitting.

Buy 'The Greatest Hits'

Billie – Walk of Life MP3 Expired (from The Best of Billie)

Yes, okay, it may be somewhat cringeworthy. It certainly takes me back to my teenage years and the associated embarrassment. But it is fitting to have the work of the delightful Miss Piper on this mixtape, especially seeing as it’s her last episode today. Again, the lyrics may fit somewhat into the context of the relationship between Rose and The Doctor. Are you gonna walk the walk of life with me? Are you gonna see more than you dreamed you'd see? Yes, it is pure pop, with saccharine sweetness and repetitive phrases that just won’t leave your head, but it’s worth it just to remember Billie in her past life!

Buy 'The Best of Billie'

Karminsky Experience Inc. – Exploration MP3 Expired (from The Power of Suggestion)

I adore this track. It combines a quote apparently taken from an astronaut (and if anyone knows who actually said it please let me know) with a funky, chill out beat, all with a little Indian style strings to top it off. I feel that I should also point you in the direction of the Karminsky Experience’s website, which is not only very cool, but also has samplers of quite a few of their tracks on it.

Buy 'The Power of Suggestion’

Dean Gray – Dr Who on Holiday MP3 Expired (American Edit)

Kindly provided by Mr Nick Howes is this brilliant Mashup of Green Day and Dr Who related moments. This speaks for itself (and I'm writing this when I'm knackered and know I cannot do this justice).


Orbital – Doctor ? MP3 Expired (from The Altogether)

I couldn’t do a Dr. Who mix without either this or the Timelords’ ‘Doctorin’ the Tardis’. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the latter, so you’ll have to make do with this working of the theme and me chattering away about Orbital for a while. Orbital are best known for their performances atop scaffolds, wearing safety goggles. The brothers from Sevenoaks have headlined at Glastonbury twice (’94 and ’95), with a sound that represents the best of the acid–house period. This working of the classic theme was on their 2001 recording ‘The Altogether’ although I’m pretty sure it was being performed before this.
The theme itself is at the centre of much mythology, having been created by the BBC Radiophonic workshop, well before the invention of synthesizers. A full history of the piece can be found here. Enjoy!

Buy ‘The Altogether’

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