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August 16, 2006

Album/Art – Black Cherry

Wolf Lady

Goldfrapp’s recent release, Supernature was glam, futuristic, with this icy mistress ushering vocals out inbetween the electronic flourishes. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve lived with it longer, but Black Cherry, their second album after the atmospheric Felt Mountain, is so much more exciting and daring. The styles tackled here are more loose, more dirty, bringing in the harsher elements of electronic music to add to the tender songs they filled their debut with.

And with Goldfrapp, the attention is not always entirely on the music. Supernature was released along with glitter horses and air (or is it space?) hostess chic. The videos and photos for Black Cherry were full of animal heads and huskies, stockings, suspenders and ‘interesting’ dance routines (see Train video below). It makes for some great visuals. The art above was drawn from the Strict Machine video, another surreal collage of machines and animals.

Goldfrapp – Black Cherry MP3 Expired
Goldfrapp – Tiptoe MP3 Expired
Goldfrapp – Strict Machine MP3 Expired
[Buy Black Cherry]

Goldfrapp – Train (YouTube video)
Goldfrapp – Strict Machine (YouTube video)

July 25, 2006

Album/Art – Scott 4

Scott Walker

Another strange association with this album, I've no idea why I've got this album, other than I saw this animation and the resulting research into The Walker Brothers led me to finding this spectacular album. The vocals, lyrics are faultless and the arrangements always sound fresh and engaging (check the bass line in The Old Man's Back Again). It's a short 32 minutes long, but it's half an hour I never mind repeating again and again.

Scott Walker – Angels of Ashes MP3 Expired
Scott Walker – The Old Man's Back Again MP3 Expired
Scott Walker – Get Behind Me MP3 Expired

[Buy Scott 4 from]

Bonus Art:


Pulp have always been one of Walker's followers, the lush arrangements (especially with their last [?] album I Love Life, with which Scott was involved with) and Jarvis' delivery very much in debt to his style. Jarvis Cocker has been hitting the headlines as of late, for his latest song in all it's glory has been going round the MySpace chitter–chatter.

You can hear it here or here, so I won't bore you with the description, but I thought I'd share my art of the now trademark spectacles…

July 17, 2006

Album/Art – Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Modest Mouse

Given the number of great writers on this blog, I've decided to take an alternative approach to this whole thing. I'm not the best writer in the world, so I thought this would provide a bit of a different kick.

I'm simply going to take an album that I'm currently in love with and draw the lovely band in question, or if the chance comes, something else art–y that's relevant, be it photo, painting, collage, sketch whatever. I'm not saying I'm the best artist at the world either, but I'm having a good damn go at it.

So, first, if you haven't noticed, is Modest Mouse's 2004 album Good News For People Who Love Bad News. To be bluntly honest with you, I picked this up second-hand in Auckland's greatest music store, Real Groovy, and it's been on constant rotation while I drew the picture above. The album also hosts the brilliant single, Float On, but I've chosen three different cuts here that display the brilliant range of moods and styles the album crosses.

It's my first real connection with the band, an almost impulse buy, so I'm keen to hear the rest of the band's catalogue…any suggestions?

Modest Mouse – Ocean Breathes Salty MP3 Expired
Modest Mouse – The View MP3 Expired
Modest Mouse – Blame It On The Tetons MP3 Expired (only £4.97!)
[Buy Good News For People Who Love Bad News]

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