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October 30, 2006

Issues downloading MP3s

Hey guys,

Unfortunately á la discothèque is experiencing problems at the moment hosting MP3s. EzArchive, whom we use at the moment to host our files, have recently gone through a restructure and changed the way that they serve files – as a result of this, for some reason we have been given a ridiculously small transfer limit that we went over even before I had managed to change the links to work.

We’re sorry, and we’re looking at different places to host files (the likelihood is that they’ll end up on our own domain or something). To make up for it, here’s a song by Afterburner, a band fronted by our very own Jimbob Riley, who will kill me when he realises I’ve posted this (the last time I threatened to he asked if it was a sick joke).

Anyway, enjoy!


Afterburner – Your Time Is Now

October 24, 2006

Mat and Chris's Indie Nipple, 23rd October (Or not…)

Well, the radio show was cancelled this week with pretty much no notice, which is sad because I had quite a good playlist lined up for it with some classic choons. Unfortunately, it also means that the music that’s been piping into my ears for the past week can’t be showcased either, but here’s a few of the songs I would have played if I could actually talk properly and walk/drive without getting a massive headache.

Cansei de Ser Sexy – Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above

Cansei de Ser Sexy

CSS are a Brazilian band from São Paulo, whose name means “Tired of being sexy”... Apparantly they’ve been hyped to hell in their native Brazil, but they were relatively unknown over here in the UK until recently. As Holly pointed out there’s been a wealth of female-led band talent breaking through this year and CSS are definitely part of that bunch. Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above was their debut single from their eponymous debut album, released after CSS signed to Sub Pop, and it’s rather dishy.

And check out that guy’s moustache!

MP3 Expired

Buy ‘Cansei de Ser Sexy’

Sleater-Kinney – Entertain


Now that Sleater-Kinney have announced that they’ve broken up,, I felt it was probably finally time to give them a listen and see what they were like. Unfortunately there are a lot of bands who were active in the time when I was pretty young and ignorant about music in general. Luckily, my friend leant me a copy of their album The Woods last week, and after a couple of listens I have to say that I’ve been very impressed. The stand-out track for me is Entertain, and here it is in all its glory.

MP3 Expired

Buy ‘The Woods’

Keith – Hold That Gun


After hearing Replica earlier in the summer, I was very impressed with Keith, a four-piece band out of Manchester who have a sound in the same vein as the Cooper Temple Clause. I was equally miffed when I found out that their debut album, Red Thread, didn’t have Replica on it, since of all the tracks that I’ve heard (including all on the album), none stand out as well as that. Oh well, Hold That Gun is probably the best song on the album and showcases the bands’ talents well – definitely one to look out for in the future.

MP3 Expired

Buy ‘Red Thread’

Ladyfuzz – Bouncy Ball


Apparantly Ladyfuzz played in Leamington a couple of weeks ago, because Natalie asked me if they were any good – I said that I didn’t know but I’d heard good things. After getting my hands on their debut album, Kerfuffle, I’d have to say that they’re a little bit hit and miss, but there are some good tracks on there. Bouncy Ball is my favourite on the album, and has been released as a single and did quite well, apparantly.

I had no idea. Pretty out of touch…

MP3 Expired

Buy ‘Kerfuffle’

Sugar Ray – Every Morning

Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray are awesome and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a dick. As a bit of classic choon action I was going to play their top-10 smash Every Morning and get some bopping going on in the union, but alas! My plans were foiled by the lurgy. Curse you God, curse you.

MP3 Expired

Buy ‘The Best of Sugar Ray’

October 23, 2006

The Long Blondes

Writing about web page

So shoot me! Does the fact that a huge proportion of the music blogs out there in the inter-ma-web have gone mental for the Long Blondes mean we shouldn’t? Should we be different, rise above, and call them crap and mock them? Can we not? I really really like them, and know at least one of the other main ALD contributors does too.

Unsigned for ages, prompting claims across the music world of sexism, the Long Blondes are one of the best things to happen to music in a while. In a year which has seen a raft of very good female fronted indie bands arise (CSS, Howling Bells, Metric, The Organ) the Long Blondes might well be the best of the lot. Apart from the fact that a great many indie girls are now adopting the 1950/60s chic the band pull off so well, they have something which is somewhat important – the songs.

Taking the indie-punk-funk template and deciding to add in little details like Kate Jackson’s amazing voice, switching between aloofness and emotional with a sultry elegance, or possibly the clever lyrics – who else has referenced “Edie Sedgwick/Anna Karina/Arlene Dahl”with quite a much style and (yes, finally I can use this word in ALD) élan! That particular song, ‘Lust In The Movies’ has pretty much the same drum beat intro as the wonderful ‘Banquet’ by Bloc Patry, but it might be (whisper it quietly) a better song. Whilst you splutter into your cheap lager (why are you drinking cheap lager and surfing the internet?) also bare in mind that ‘Lust In The Movies’ is not their best song. This is why ALD can’t help but concede to the consensus and place a preorder at Amazon/Play/Fopp for their forthcoming album Someone to Drive Me Home (out 6th November, and yes, I do want it for my birthday, ta).

So after all this excitable wittering I’m guessing you want some evidence. Alright. Try these three:
‘Darts’ an amusing little b-side which shows their ability to make even the trivial sound fascinating and sexy.

The Long Blondes – ‘Darts’ MP3 Expired

Next up we have the BBC Radio 1 session version of one of their singles ‘Appropriation (By Any Other Name)’ which has brackets in the title (woo!), and manages to cram British Rail and fox hunting into a tune which is perhaps the best example of their self declared description of their music as “glamour punk”. It’s also the best instance of Kate singing like a female Jarvis Cocker, something she does occasionally (well, they are both from Sheffield) and which is something always guaranteed to make ALD writers happy.

The Long Blondes – ‘Appropriation (Live At The BBC)’ MP3 Expired

Finally ‘Polly’ which doesn’t sound like glamour punk at all, more a waltzingly louneg tune with an edge. It’s a sign of the variety they are capable of. It’s also the sort of thing you wish you could have had at your school disco.

The Long Blondes – ‘Polly’ MP3 Expired

Look! You can preorder their album and everything!

October 19, 2006

Muse – Knights of Cydonia Video

Muse have announced that their epic album-closing space-rock cowboy-fest ear-fisting smash Knights of Cydonia on November 27th. Not only is it my favourite Muse song ever, but definitely the funniest Muse video by a long way… Yes, in the uncut version there are boobies. And yes, it is awesome.


October 18, 2006

Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor

I have a confession to make.

I have totally, and completely fallen in love with Regina Spektor. I’m, unfortunately, one of the heathens who didn’t know about this amazing talent until, well, this week. I pretty much ignored recommendations from friends and now I look particularly stupid because of it. I have now discovered that Regina Spektor is some kind of musical goddess.

Basically, as the story goes, I was looking for some tracks to play on our comeback radio show last Monday and I came across one of her tracks, admittedly the first one I’d heard, Better. I thought it was okay, but in the end the track was cut from our playlist at the last minute due to time constraints. Ironically, when we were on air Natters requested some Regina Spektor but we couldn’t find any in the studio, so we said we’d play one on the next Monday. So, when I was tracksurfing on Sunday night for a playlist for the show, I found Hotel Song in one of my compilations I’d bought recently, liked it, and stuck it on the playlist. After the show, I went and ordered her album, Begin to Hope and oh my Christ, if it isn’t the bestest thing ever.

Regina Spektor is a pianist singer/songwriter from New York, but is originally from the old Soviet Union before emigrating with her parents to the Bronx in 1989, aged just 9. Her music is predominantly marked as anti-folk, a mixture of charged lyrics with a folk sound, although her influences seem to be from traditional Russian, classical, folk and hip-hop music. A lot of the stuff on Begin to Hope is more towards pop music (leading to cries that Regina has sold out) but personally I think it works really well, and certainly I think the album is a masterpiece. The most startling thing about Spektor’s style is her vocals, mixing a dainty, angelic voice at the top of her range with an almost trumpet-like lower-range that reminds me of The Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer.

Oh, and by the by, sorry James, but she is also a cutie. Listen away…

Regina Spektor – Us MP3 Expired
Regina Spektor – Samson MP3 Expired
Regina Spektor – That Time MP3 Expired
Regina Spektor and The Strokes – Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men MP3 Expired

Regina Spektor – Fidelity

(Check that trumpet-voice out!)

Buy Begin to Hope
Buy Soviet Kitsch

Scarlett Johansson does music

Writing about web page

Scarlett Johansson

I have a lot of time for Scarlett Johansson. I think she’s a terrific actress, particularly in Lost In Translation, one of my favourite films (other than the end… but hey, this isn’t a film blog). Also, she is a slamming hottie.

So when I saw on Stereogum that good ol’ hot face had sung a choon on Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars, a compilation of people who can’t really sing singing, I thought… “What have you done?”

Anyway, take a listen to her cover of Summertime.

MP3 Expired

My opinion? Don’t give up your day job, hot face.

October 17, 2006

Mat and Chris's Indie Nipple – Playlist 16th October 2006

Another week, another playlist, another 4 songs for you to download. Joy to you!

  • Blue Suede – Hooked on a Feeling MP3 Expired (Buy Reservoir Dogs OST)
  • Chikinki – Assassinator 13
  • Radiohead – 2+2=5
  • OMD – Electricity
  • Lily Allen – LDN
  • The Raconteurs – Broken Boy Soldiers
  • David Bowie w/The Arcade Fire – Life On Mars? MP3 Expired (Buy Fashion Rocks EP)
  • Klaxons – Magick
  • Regina Spektor – Hotel Song [Request]
  • Voxtrot – The Start of Something (Buy Raised By Wolves)
  • Razorlight – America [Request]
  • Rifles – Peace and Quiet
  • Beck – Nausea
  • Muse – Easily MP3 Expired (Buy Starlight single)
  • Presidents of the USA – Peaches
  • Lady Fortune – Lady Stop Talking
  • The Decemberists – O Valencia!
  • Jet – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  • The Kooks – Ooh, La!
  • Electric Six – I Buy The Drugs
  • Long Blondes – Once & Never Again
  • Larrikin Love – Edwould
  • The Pipettes – Judy MP3 Expired (Buy We Are The Pipettes)
  • Boston – More Than A Feeling [Request]
  • We Landed on the Moon! – One of a Kind [SEE BELOW]
  • Pixies – Debaser
  • Delays – Nearer Than Heaven

Sorry about the extraordinary number of drug references in the show… I counted about 5 myself. Oh well!

And as a special treat…

We Landed On The Moon! – One of a Kind (Live at The Varsity)

Buy ‘We Landed on the Moon!’

October 16, 2006

Mat and Chris's Indie Nipple – Playlist 9th October 2006

Playlist from last week… Remember you can listen EVERY MONDAY LIVE at 5-7pm British time, online at

  • The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger
  • Gang of Four – Not Great Men
  • White Rose Movement – Love Is A Number
  • Kings of Leon – Holy Roller Novocaine
  • Blondie – Atomic
  • The Stranglers – No More Heroes
  • Oh No! Oh My! – Walk In The Park MP3 Expired (Buy Oh No! Oh My!)
  • The Shins – Know Your Onion!
  • Boy Kill Boy – Civil Sin
  • Eels – Sweet Li’l Thing
  • Ash – Shining Light
  • The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry
  • Muse – Knights of Cydonia
  • Guillemots – Trains to Brazil
  • Evanescence – Sweet Sacrifice MP3 Expired (Buy The Open Door)
  • Badly Drawn Boy – You Were Right
  • David Hasselhoff – Jump In My Car
  • The View – Wasted Little DJs
  • The Young Knives – She’s Attracted To
  • Pulp – Sorted For E’s and Wizz
  • Ben Folds – Rockin’ The Suburbs (ft. William Shatner) MP3 Expired (Buy Over the Hedge [Soundtrack])
  • Happy Mondays – God’s Cop
  • The Long Blondes – Fulwood Babylon
  • Hot Club de Paris – Sometimesitsbetternottostickbitsofeachotherintoeachotherforeachother
  • The Pipettes – Your Kisses are Wasted on Me
  • Delays – Long Time Coming MP3 Expired (Buy Faded Seaside Glamour)

Enjoy the tracks… remember you can request any songs for today here on this blog by commenting or by emailing the studio while we are on air (today 5-7). Also sorry that we didn’t get to play Regina Spektor as requested, but we will definitely play some Regina Spektor today.

And remember – if you don’t buy music, you’re a twat.

October 15, 2006


Writing about web page

Seafood might just be the indiest band in Britain today. They are so indie that even though the rise of indie has catapulted bands as esoteric as the Futureheads, and as pointless as Jet, into the spotlight, it really does look like Seafood won’t be making their way into the pages of the Sun’s showbiz column. Perfect for the hardened indie snob who intensely hates the idea that any band they love could possibly have anything so vulgar as recognition but a little sad for anyone who possess, oh I don’t know, ears!

From Seafood’s website.

None of the descriptions of them I’ve seen seem to really do them justice. Post grunge is sometimes applied as if that was a proper description and not just some ridiculous concoction seemingly created by someone who lacks imagination. It’s not post grunge. Nickelback are post grunge and we all know what that means. Ick.

Maybe they need hoisting by their own petard. They claim inspiration from the Pixies and Sonic Youth… except they’re somewhere between the two in terms of how ‘pop’ they sound. Too noisy and squalling to be the sinister children of ‘This Monkey’s Gone To Heaven’ but not quite as wilfully obtuse as them there Youth. They even advertised, when forming, for a male drummer and a female bassist to really get close to their inspirations. It’s therefore gratifying that they ended up with a female drummer and a male bassist. It’s little cock ups like that can make from great music. The closest you can get in recent times to their style is probably some sort of step along from Blur’s self titled album, something influenced by American college rock, but more British. We’re not talking Union Jacks at dawn here, more a reluctance to do anything the simple way.

(c) Holly Cruise, 7th October 2006 – Coventry Collosseum

What am I wibbling on about? In short Seafood make an odd sort of music. For want of any better descriptions they make the saddest sounding happy music you’ll hear. Their music is like the soundtrack to chasing ghosts down the roads in the town you were born in whilst watching as it decays around you. But the lyrics don’t point that way. They are almost optimistic at times, a strange way. It’s a world where your friends are assassins and you are too. When your lover is both irresistible and your enemy in some bizarre game of mortal combat. But it’s not the sound of confusion. All these contradictions are just presented as the way things are.

Most bands are writing songs which are musically and lyrically about going to the pub and having a drink (with consequences both good and bad). No wonder Seafood ain’t cracked it. The new literalism in music won’t sit easy with lines like “walking into corners/not facing straight/I’m begging for attention/in this silent space/so keep tearing out the splinters/it all starts here/it looks good on you/it does” (‘Splinter’). You’ll have a room full of achingly trendy indie haircuts all crammed into the corners… actually on second thoughts that’s not such a bad thing, hehehe.

(c) Holly Cruise, 7th October 2006 – Coventry Collosseum

Anyway, Seafood have four albums and a mini album of this sort of thing to get your paws on. The best place to start is middle release When Do We Start Fighting which is probably their most accessible release. From there we offer you the superlative ‘In This Light Will You Fight Me’, the sort of three part piece which is more instant than a three part song with no obvious chorus should be.

Seafood – ‘In This Light Will You Fight Me’ MP3 Expired

Their latest album, Paper Crown King, is also very good. It’s a little heavier than When Do We Start Fighting and serves as a good bridge between that and their first two releases, the mini album Messenger In The Camp and the proper album Surviving The Quiet. ‘Between The Noise Part 2’ does pretty much exactly what a Seafood song should do. And the title doesn’t really make sense which is nice. Stab stab, take that literalism.

Seafood – ‘Between The Noise pt.2’ MP3 Expired

Then there’s their third album, As The Cry Flows. It’s a bit of a divisive album, some fans love it, some dislike the disjointed nature of it and use the skip button rather a lot to pinpoint the better songs. Recorded after singer David had been in hospital with serious lung problems (and causing many cancelled gigs in Coventry which this writer really wanted to go to) it is more laid back, and somewhat in tone, it still has some classic Seafood style songs. Perhaps the fact it can be categorised more easily than the others is a hint. Anyway, we’ve included ‘Heat Walks Against Me’ which might just be their actual best song ever. It’s huge, all floatiness and light one minute and then BANG!! Immense soundscape of joy/doom/invention.

Seafood – ‘Heat Walks Against Me’ MP3 Expired

The indie community’s last hidden gem. What have they done to deserve this?

The Albums

Messenger In The Camp (mini album)
Surviving The Quiet (2001)
When Do We Start Fighting (2001)
As The Cry Flows(2004)_
Paper Crown King (2006)

October 14, 2006

What would happen if…?

Snow Patrol and Jenny Lewis

Snow Patrol became a little More Adventurous?

As much as I should love Snow Patrol for writing arguably good pop tunes I just can’t help but be unimpressed by the predictability of the arrangements. When Rilo Kiley appear to take on the same style why does it sound better to me? Is it because I fancy Jenny Lewis? Probably. Maybe you can figure it out…

Snow Patrol - Wow MP3 Expired [buy Final Straw]
Rilo Kiley - Love and War (11/11/46) MP3 Expired [buy More Adventurous]

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