July 06, 2006

Meet the Contributors: Chris Rossdale

Formulaic. Obvious. The quintessential blog–way to introduce oneself…..here am I

Name: Chris Rossdale
Number one in UK when I was born: Madonna – Something Generic
First album bought: Something awful….Aqua I think. Poor. Very poor.
First gig attended: Greenday/No Doubt. Backstage. Get In.
Favourite album: Changes often, usually something by Radiohead or the Pixies. It's Jeff Buckley's Grace right now though.
Favourite song: Radiohead – Paranoid Android, or Pixies – Where Is My Mind, or Joy Division – She's Lost Control. Or something else tomorrow….
Favourite gig: Last month's Long Blondes gig comes pretty damn high….The White Stripes at the Apollo were amazing last November too.
Favourite band: Radiohead or the Pixies.
Favourite genre: New Wave/Post Punk
The band you like but are embarassed about/feel is a little out of place in your collection: The Presidents of the United States of America represent everything I hate about modern 'punk' music. And they're AWESOME.
Number of CDs bought since 1st January 2006: 20? Ish? I've procured a good few more than that though.
What musical event would you most like to see happen: The resurrection of Jeff Curtis (half Jeff Buckley, half Ian Curtis). Together with himself, he would lead the revolution in modern music and restore the glory days. Take us back to a time bands like Razorlight aren't worrying because 'they're too close to a deadline'. A deadline in creating music!? Makes me sick…..
Musical hero: Martin Hannett (Factory Records producer, worked with Joy Division, Durutti Column, John Cooper Clarke, A Certain Ratio and many others)
Music's biggest enemy/ies in my opinion are: The Arctic Monkeys. Well, not all of them, or even all of him: just his voice. His irritating scratchy would–rather–listen–to–Dick–Van–Dyke–do–a–regional–accent–voice just makes me want to throw away all my music and cry in a dark secluded corner. It is music's arch enemy, and it must be destroyed.

Any questions? Good.

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  1. Yay! Eels! No further comment. For now.

    06 Jul 2006, 12:03

  2. Mathew Mannion

    I heart Eels…

    06 Jul 2006, 12:05

  3. Aww man, if only you heard the final episode of the radio show I co–hosted…with Eel or no Eel! It was broadcasting genius…seriously.

    06 Jul 2006, 12:17

  4. Mathew Mannion

    I'm intruiged… how did Eel or no Eel! work?

    06 Jul 2006, 12:43

  5. The simple concept of having a list of possible absurd (and they were extremely absurd) Mark 'E' Everett quotations and lyrics and you have to decide whether they are Eel or No Eel! with corresponding "Uh uh" and "God damn right" sound bites to accompany incorrect/correct answers. Genius I tells ya…

    …and every question right was half a pint!
    Needless to say, I was only 2 points up at the end ;_;

    07 Jul 2006, 04:36

  6. Christopher Rossdale

    See, this is why our radio show sucks, and his doesn't…..:(

    08 Jul 2006, 11:37

  7. Mathew Mannion

    Our radio rocks™

    09 Jul 2006, 19:35

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