July 21, 2007


Follow-up to Call For Submission: Mashups from á la discothèque

Ah, so it’s all mashups round here at the moment is it? In that case you’ll be wanting to look at Good Blimey a possibly illegal, but certainly interesting website which collates loads of brilliant, and not so brilliant mashups, from a wide variety of DJs.

Now to save you all some sifting I’ve dug up a few of my favourites, but there’s certainly others on there you might like more.

Peaches vs. The Rapture – ‘Fuck The Jealous Lovers’ by unknown

Ok, the mixing here ain’t the best. Peaches is too low in the mix, but the timing and the idea are rather fine. In fact this one is crying out for a proper version, or hell an actual performance from the two acts. Contains some high class swearing, but it involves Peaches so what were you expecting?

Dizzee Rascal vs. Interpol – ‘Live Stand Up’ by McSleazy

Now this is a bit of class. Well put together, and Dizzee sounds good against the New Yorkers’ dark indie. Also as it’s not a massively well known Dizzee track it functions with less of the novelty element that some mashups can have – it works well enough on its own.

Green Day vs. Opus 3 – ‘It’s a Fine Holiday’ by Divide and Kreate

Actually my favourite mashup of all time, partly because as a small thing I really loved the Opus 3 dance version of this track, and amazingly this works despite both songs being in different time signatures, and being rather unlikely bedfellows. No idea who came up with the idea (someone called Divide and Kreate) but it’s brilliant.

Kelly Clarkson vs. Rammstein – ‘Since You’ve Been Rosenrot’ by DJ Schmolli

Yes, you read that right. American Idol warbler Clarkson and industrial camp metal German dudes Rammstein, all mixed up and sounding sufficiently over the top for fans of both. Try it, you might like it!

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  1. Lovely. That Greenday vs Opus no.3 is amazing, well worthy of being your favourite of all time. “Holiday” is a popular choice for mashups, I also like Dean Gray’s “Doctor Who on Holiday”. Link to ‘American Edit’.

    I’d not heard that Kelly Clarkson vs Rammstein, though, again, it (Since You’ve Been Gone) is a popular mash up choice – I like DJ Payroll’s mashup of the song with The Bravery. Downloadable on this page.

    22 Jul 2007, 19:29

  2. I can think of a few that work surprisingly well, given who is being mixed together in each case:

    Depeche Mode vs Benny Benassi – Master and Servant vs Satisfaction : The hedonistic theme in both makes them a good combination.
    Orbital vs Liberty X – Just A Little Bit Lush : Orbital are good, but don’t use singing as often as they should, and this makes their longer albums a bit trying to listen to sometimes. Liberty X are just a run-of-the-mill pop band. This neatly solves both problems!
    Madonna vs JX – Ray of Light vs Son of a Gun : JX’s music could almost have been designed to be a dance remix of Madonna’s song, and is much better than some of the official remixes she’s commissioned for herself from British musicians over the years.

    Of course, you’d have to like dance music to like these, and liking slightly uncool pop wouldn’t hurt either!

    14 Aug 2007, 23:10

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