March 01, 2007

Death Cab For Cutie

I searched this blog for anything about Death Cab For Cutie and found nothing.


Is that right? (In the sense that world peace is “right” and stabbing a baby in the eye with a fork is “wrong”.)

Here’s a clue: No.

Different haircuts? CHECK
Typical improbable environment band photo

Death Cab For Cutie is a band from Washington whom I have recently been hooked on by virtue of a memory stick full of goodness from my housemate. I should have heard of them before, given they’ve been out since nineteen ninety sev-EN and are quite good.

The name is from a song by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band on their 1967 album Gorilla and is also in the Beatles experimental movie, Magical Mystery Tour. Funny, wikipedia says the same thing. It is often mispronounced Death Cab For A Cutie. This is wrong (though not quite in the abovely defined sense).

They sound like a cross between The Pussycat Dolls and Ergo Phizzmizz. HA! They don’t! But such a lazy “they sound like a cross between…” construction isn’t a bad place to start as (seriously now) Death Cab For Cutie sound a lot like I imagine The Flaming Lips would if Elliott Smith did a guest stint as “creative” and singer.

If he wasn’t DEAD.

Like most (all) music, I have to just say “listen to it and see what you think”. There are three perfectly good tracks below to listen to as well as links to the albums on amazon. So what are you waiting for? Death Cab For Cutie are extremely worth listening to, I promise.

Bend To Squares
Why’d You Want To Live Here
Title and Registration
MP3s Expired

Some amazon links

1. Something About Aeroplanes (1998), the debut LP, contains ’’Bend To Squares’‘

2. We Have The Facts and We’re Voting Yes (2000), included because Jimbob Riley said so!

3. The Photo Album (2001), contains ’’Why’d You Want To Live Here’‘

4. Transatlanticism (2003), probably my favourite of theirs that I have listened to. Very Elliott Smith-like. Contains ’’Title and Registration’‘

5. Plans (2005), their latest. I’ve not heard it

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Plans is very good.

    01 Mar 2007, 12:35

  2. Oh so you know about Death Cab For Cutie? I assumed it had completely slipped under the ALD radar, on account of not only there being no entries about them but also it not even being used as a tag anywhere.

    Can you play a track on your show please? And give me a shout out when you do? :) PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE!

    01 Mar 2007, 12:39

  3. You’ve actually missed out ‘We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes’, which is really good.
    I think Transatlanticism is probably the best, and Death of an Interior Decorator is sooo much like an Elliott Smith song it’s uncanny.

    Oh yeh, hi. I might start posting again sometime soon…

    01 Mar 2007, 13:03

  4. You’ve actually missed out ‘We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes’, which is really good.

    You’re right but I didn’t intend to include it. The pattern I went with is linking to each of the albums which the featured tracks came from and then also linking to the latest album. But I realise it looks like I’ve just missed one out so I’ll put it in to avoid looking like a lump!

    01 Mar 2007, 13:20

  5. and

    Oh yeh, hi. I might start posting again sometime soon…

    DO IT!

    01 Mar 2007, 13:26

  6. Mathew Mannion

    I have heard of Death Cab, them being probably the third or fourth most famous band in the world… :P

    To be honest, I prefer Gibbard in The Postal Service.

    And they’re not completely under the radar since I posted a Gibbard cover of Thriller here :)

    01 Mar 2007, 13:26

  7. Mathew Mannion

    Can you play a track on your show please?

    27th January 2006
    17th February 2006
    28th April 2006
    23rd June 2006

    So they’re due, I guess…

    Also, my tastes clearly put me as a Postal Service/Death Cab fan :P

    01 Mar 2007, 13:29

  8. Okay! Okay! My bad! I just didn’t see any tags or entries!

    I didn’t realise they were the third or fourth most famous band in the world either!

    Who are the top five most famous bands in the world then? What are we talking about here? Bands still recording? This would help me not post about them in future as though no-one had heard of them! :D

    No full stops!

    01 Mar 2007, 13:40

  9. Mathew Mannion

    By famous, I meant listened to.

    Ten most listened to bands in the world (w/e 25th Feb):

    1. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    2. The Beatles
    3. Radiohead
    4. Coldplay
    5. Muse
    6. The Killers
    7. Nirvana
    8. Metallica
    9. Bloc Party
    10. Death Cab For Cutie

    01 Mar 2007, 14:03

  10. Is that the lastfm chart? It is isn’t it? Indietastic…

    01 Mar 2007, 19:01

  11. Carter

    Greatest band in the world. ‘Plans’ is a masterpiece. If you listen to this band and don’t like them, you’re an idiot. Ditto anyone who calls them ‘emo’. Or heard about them on ‘The O.C.’

    That is all…

    01 Mar 2007, 19:28

  12. Matt

    Im a relative newcomer as well, though I think I have about a year and a half on you. Good stuff, thanks!

    01 Mar 2007, 23:49

  13. Can you play a track on your show please? And give me a shout out when you do? :) PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE!

    Yay! You did!

    02 Mar 2007, 22:29

  14. I suspect the lack of entries on Death Cab For Cutie isn’t due to a lack of awareness of them, but more a lack of enthusiasm, on account of them being a bit boring.

    03 Mar 2007, 19:34

  15. Not if you’ve only been listening to them for seven days.


    03 Mar 2007, 20:23

  16. stop acting like they’re the best band ever.
    Worth having.
    No need for a dedicated post.

    06 Mar 2007, 19:48

  17. “Who’s the guy who spoils your fun? Who’s that chap who loves a good whinge? Who’s the man who lays the bait? Heeeeee’s VINCENT!”.

    ;) WUV U BI

    06 Mar 2007, 19:56

  18. Sue

    He´s the man!

    06 Mar 2007, 21:18

  19. Indeed. I do quite like Vincent’s non-stop baiting and trolling. The blogs wouldn’t be what they are without him.

    06 Mar 2007, 21:59

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