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March 19, 2007

Mat, Chris and Holly's Indie G–String – 16th March 2007

Police Brutality... Awesome.

Holly joined us in the studio for a collective orgy of music, live across the known Universe on RaW 1251AM, and hillarity ensued...

  • Three minutes of news. Wanna know what happened on Friday? Find out here
  • Guillemots – Trains to Brazil
  • Rakes – 22 Grand Job
  • Welcome to The Mat Mannion Show... That went down well… Chris’s landlord, Mr. Landlord, is dead.
  • Maximo Park – Our Velocity
  • Klaxons – Atlantis Interzone
  • It’s bloody dreary out, really. It’s a tough show for the Daily Mail… Mother’s Day and Interflora. If a woman’s chest fails, her vagina will fall out, and Chinese men are afraid their penis will go into their body. Weird.
  • The Clash – I Fought The Law (For all those poor souls who fought the establishment in Glasgow)
  • Aerosmith and Run DMC – Walk This Way
  • I apologise for mocking the efforts of the brave souls who fought the law in Glasgow. Unfortunately for them, the law won. And rightly so
  • Kings of Leon – On Call
  • The Jam – Going Underground
  • Holly’s friend and her very loud (3 hour) friends who live in the flat above and are very audible every night. What can we do? Good things.
  • Calvin Harris – Acceptable In The 80s
  • Give money to Comic Relief by texting HEARING to 82125 (texts cost £1)
  • Manic Street Preachers – Underdogs
  • New Manics album, some shitty (topless) producing
  • The Arcade Fire – No Cars Go
  • The show comes to an end, as does the current run. We’ll be back after the Easter holidays with more malarkey and hijinks, but that doesn’t include getting bladdered and being fished out of the bay from a capsized pedal boat at 4 in the morning… Well, never mix work and pleasure, I say. Also: The Arcade Fire live, Chris’s dead landlord’s funeral.
  • Feeder – Insomnia

Download FOR KEEPS

Apparently, according to Ofcom or Ofsted or someone you’re not allowed to say ‘bollocks’ or ‘tosser’, so… sorry. Not sure I said either of those two things, mind?!

Also, apologies for some really funky skipping whilst we played some songs. The digital playback system was really backed up and slow on Friday and it was causing some audio problems :(

Many thanks to Holly for joining the show this week.


Writing about web page


Today, I’m being rather lazy.

I was going to post again about one of my favourite bands, but I’ve been distracted too much. One of the distractions has been the release of this little demo of a game called Gesundheit!. ‘So why post it here?’ I hear you cry. Well, it just so happens to have some of best produced music written for an independent freeware game I’ve ever heard. Toy xylophones and flutes mix with accordions and guitar to produce some instrumental love-child between The Decemberists and The Boy Least Likely To. Along with the graphics and game itself, where you play a little green pig with a hayfever problem trying to lure monsters into traps, it’s also probably the most twee game I’ve ever seen. Just play it, you’ll love it.

Download the game Gesundheit! here
Download the Gesundheit! Soundtrack here

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