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April 28, 2013

KBAM: Analytical thinking and Strategic Planning

The main learning points from KBAM presentation were:

Strategic Planning and Analytical thinking

Actually working for the same company and making strategies for that company made us feel apart of that non existing company and having the prior knowledge about that company, we worked as team considering all the previos decisions and constructing new strategies for that company. This exercise was quiet close to the real world example where you work for one company and make strategies and analyze the effect of those decisions on the profitability of the company. I developed these skills and will be quiet helpful in future. Now, I will be confident enough to make robust decisions for a company from analytical point of view.

KBAM: Self Assessment Practice

Paul I am inspired by your way of teaching and organizing things in such a way that they capture listener's thoughts and influence them to do it the way you want it. This last practice of self assessment was actually the best one where we had to think from your point of view and assess ourself from your perspective that where do we rank and what was asked from us? I think self assessment is the best way to analyze one's own performance and one knows where he/she stands. I am looking forward to create a similar platform in the organization where I'll be working in future and adopting similar creative ideas to be an influential leader and drive them to practice those things which will benefit them in longer term. Doing the self assessment exercise in KBAM actually revealed some strengths and areas of improvement which were never noticed and will work on them to get the most out of it.

Continuous Improvement MBE

The course MBE is a sequential process to improve continuously that is all interlinked and the modules are arranged in a specific order that things get derieved from the earlier ones. KBAM module was the accumulative of all those previous modules and a combination of all that profound knowledge that we used in our presentation and this module actually created a sense of self awareness and realization in all of us that we are not the same as we were before and we are a step ahead on the track of continuous improvement. Blogging, reflections, self assessment, exercises, pma's, feed forwards are all the forms of knowledge management and we had been practicing all these activities since the start of this course. I will never let go these practices in future and will always improve continuously and practices like knowledge sharing, self assessments and reflections will be a part of my life.

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