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April 24, 2013

Environmental factors contributing to develop wisdom

I raised a point in class today that there might be some environmental factors that can develop or support the criteria to develop wisdom and it may include your social circle, community or friends. I can give an example that in this course of MBE, we found out the importance of reflections and we were asked to do this reflection, so basically we were provided with a platform that actually helps in developing wisdom. I think to some extent they do as if you stay in a company of wise people and observing them enables you to develop such attributes that are helpful in developing wisdom.

But here comes another factor that is WILL. If you do not have the will to learn and you are not going to adopt those good ways of learning being provided then environmental factors play a minimal role. So, a desire to learn should be there and in future, as a manger I would try to make an infrastructure where importance of the provided platform would be acknowledged and understood by everyone, so that they get the maximum out of it

Reflections: An Important Criteria to develop wisdom

May be we all had been denying the importance of reflections and blogs in the beginning of this course and were unhappy to do this extra task be rewarded marks for this activity because, some people are good at explaining their thoughts and learnings where as others might not be that good at writing it down. But after getting used to this routine of blogging and reflecting on daily activities, I am constantly improving myself. In class seminar today, we had a philospohical discussion on wisdom, how to develop it and what criteria plays the most important role in its development. No doubt experiences and observations come in mind at first but experience can be of many types and can relate to many things that may not necessarily develop wisdom. A person having an exposure to different parts of world, had interaction with different people belonging to different culture might not be as wise as a person having no experience but observes more, reflects on those observations and learn from those observations. So I am now understanding the importance of reflective writing and I will maintain this habit of doing reflections in future to learn constantly and improve myself.

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